Wednesday, February 21, 2007

The strawberries were so cold they turned blue!

Well, I am trying to write an essay for my college writing class, and it's not going so well. I have not had this much trouble writing something in quite some time. The essay topic is on different personal or social behaviors, with something I can observe or take a survey on, and I chose to do it on handwriting with people's personalities. Mary just gave me the idea on Monday night, and it is due in about 5 hours. 3 pages. grrr. I have the writing samples and a book on handwriting analysis, which is pretty interesting, and lots of advice from different websites, but it's hard pulling it all together. I might have to bluff my way through it. Not totally, but I think it might be pretty random. So we'll see how that goes! My week has been rather good. On Monday night, after returning from Utah, I went with a bunch of people over to the Green Canyon Hot Springs. A friend of Mary's, who is kind of a friend of mine now, well his parents own it, so we got in free then made navajo tacos afterwards and ate them. It was great fun. yesterday was Jedd's birthday, so we had a little celebration at the house. Nothing near as big as Becky's b-day, or our Alaska party. It was a little hard to plan something during the week. Some friends of Jedd's and Mary's came over with their baby. His name is Indiana....yes, like Indiana Jones. He is a cute cute baby. There was a point when all of us "adults" were just sitting there watching him play. It was rather interesting and entertaining! Well, I got a little bit of a break from my essay, so I better get back to work for another 20 minutes, head over to Book of Mormon with Uncle Ed, then come back and cram in my essay! Sheesh! Oh, and I got a 73 on the multiple choice section of my Biology test last week. The average for the class was a 60, so I feel okay with that. And even after that test it says I have a B in the class. I was thinking I had a C, so that is good! I think I'll see my final grade today, so hopefully it's okay! Allright, gonna jet!
Laters players,

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Sadie & Corey said... ALCAN trips for Lilly! She stays at home and I look at her. Its a way fun car, I just wish I was home more to driver it! You are such a party girl! LUCKY!

Awesome song! This was for this semester's Guitars Unplugged!