Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Woah pictures!

Here are the pictures from my fun weekend! Sorry if it takes a while loading or drives you nuts from having so many, but oh well! I haven't put pictures up in a while, so this makes up for it!

Ellie, Kimee and Kimee's boyfriend, Mike, at Andy and Staci's weenie roast!

Uncle Curtis and me around the fire.

Mary, James, Staci and Andy

Staci and Toonkies

Andy and Grams

Becky, Rachel, Elise, Mary, Krista, Kimee, me, Ellie and Emma at the hot springs pool in Saratoga Springs! yeah, got a major sun burn on the shoulders. Looks like I should have kept my legs like that for a few hours instead! What color would you call my legs? White? linen, lilly...off?

Drew giving some love to baby Paige!

Grams and me!

Mary James and me.

Cade, Dino Brighton and Cole roastin' s'mores! yum!

Water ballerinas!

Well, there are pics from my fun weekend! Maybe I"ll take a picture or two while I'm here in Vernal, but probably not. Actually, I did get a pedicure for the first time and took pictures of that, then Anna is going to do my hair, so perhaps I"ll take pictures of the finished product. I haven't decided yet! yay!

p.s. I got to watch my niece on the web cam today. SO CUTE!!!


SPENCERS said...

It looks like you had a rockin' weekend! I told Jake you were coming to visit and he got all excited! Bring some of that warm weather this way, would ya? It's freezing here! Peace

Millie said...

Freezing, as in 65 degrees? HA HA!
I haven't seen any of the pictures because they aren't downloading, but I'll try again at another time.
Heids. You need to take some pictures while you are in Vernal of Bananie and Mathewus.

Mary said...

wow heidi- having all that fun without me, while i am stuck here at school. oh well, i guess things will change when i graduate and you still have forever eh? MUWHAHAHHA. just kidding. kind of. miss you though. the roomies are boring without people like you around.

karzee said...

what fun! All those prima-ballerinas in one place! Wow, Saratoga Springs must've been inundated with beauty beyond compare!!!
AND, Miss Kimberlee, when were you going to inform me about this boyfriend, hmmmmm???

The Cub Pack said...

Yah, Heidi, not all girls enjoy being photographed in their bathing suits... I think you'll spot one slightly chubby, disguntled individual in this shot- she's flying a bird... look closely my friend...

cassie and dan said...

i wana go swimming... if i only had a pool. so your comin down next weekend? hope i get to see ya!

Jared & Christine said...

We miss you already, especially since we don't know when you'll be gracing us with your presence again! The turtles need you to come walk them! (see I'm doing better, I left you a comment!)

cassie and dan said...

hey heidi, my phone number (and i guess anybody else on here gets it too;) is 520-232-2027. thats my home. but tomarrow it will be turned off. we are moving, but then it will be back up tomarrow or thursday. so my cell is 520-450-9123 if you need it. call me when you come down.

Anonymous said...

NEW POSTS, NEW POSTS, NEW POSTS (say that like you'd say, "NO NUKES, NO NUKES, NO NUKES!")

Anonymous said...

Oh yeah, that last comment was from me, Anna LOVES!

Gwen Lynn said...

Heidi, what is this? Im doing better about updating? HMMM? NEW POST!

Awesome song! This was for this semester's Guitars Unplugged!