Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Thanskgiving WEEK off!

Oh what a great week off I had!

First, went down to the Salt Lake area and got to go visit my cousins in Eagle Mountain! They're so cute! (Woody's kids) Then, we stopped at Lisa Nunez's for a few days. This picture is from their front doorstep. The little houses over yonder are a polygamist community. Cool, huh?

This is me and precious Kelsie. We were at the Bellagio fountains and she was just such a trooper, but clearly super tired! And then the next night we were watching these little motorcycles in a cage (see picture below) and they were loud, so I covered kelsie's ears. Do you like her sweater, Elsa? I think Holly was really excited for them!

Uh, this was everyone's position for a couple hours during our Tetris Tourney that we had. I think I might have gotten the most lines....! And Christine helped us make balloon stuff. Kelsie is a little indian with her tomohawk and I am a pilgrim with my gun. Use your imagination!

We were at the gardens in the Bellagio and they had these ginormous pumpkins there. We did have a few pictures of the Hans, Scott and Jared, then their wives, then all of them together. Then they wanted us SINGLE folk to take pictures. So we're bummed about that, I guess! And Kelsie likes bath water. She also has a very long tongue. But cute!

We played this game, affectionately known as Killer Bunnies. It took us only a few hours to play, but was so fun! And then Hans, Holly and Kelsie at the Bellagio fountains. They were sooooo cool!

Kelsie trying to eat her daddy's face. She often did this, except I think it was her way of giving kisses. I would give her a kiss, then say "kisses" and she'd try to eat my cheek! It was a great game! She also started playing peek-a-boo while were were walking along the strip, and Kiersting taught her how to give fives while there. She learned a lot this trip! And then here's the picture of the whole group at Jared and Christine's apartment. They were so stinkin' nice and accomadating to us. Thanks, dudes!

And here is the cage that the motorcycles were in. It was only 14 feet in diameter, but at one time they had 3 little motorcyclists going all around at once. It was INSANE! Kierstin and Becca in front of the "eiffel tower" on the strip. I must say, the real one is much better!

Here is everyone (except me because I'm taking the picture!) on our way up to get tickets for hans, jared, Kierstin and becca to go up the stratosphere. I think we might be a little tired! And then there's Estelle getting buffed at the M&M's store. We went through this "factory" of what they do to the peanuts. It was really cool.
Well, there are some highlits from my trip. It was such a blast. Hopefully Jared and Christine and Hans and Holly will have some pictures up soon, cause they have other ones as well! Toodaloo!


Gwen Lynn said...

Wowee! Looks like you had lots o' fun!

DKSBrayton said...

The Carlson clan always has fun, huh! Great pictures! Love ya guys!

Mary said...

ahh the pics look like so much fun!!! glad to see a post or two up! i dont check these as much as i used to!!! love it! miss you!

Anonymous said...

ALL I CAN SAY IS WOW! What a 'JERK' I was trying to teach you how to pick up women!" (or in your case men) Not literally! NO BUT COOL PICS! I love 'em love 'em! And it truly does look like you had a kickin' time. I especially like Kelsie's face when you're plugging her ears. And those balloon costumes are the new pink!
OK. I'm babbling! Love you.
Love, Anna
PS You are more than welcome to come visit us any time you want ;)

cassie and dan said...

that looks like a fun trip! you know i just realized, kelsie i think is 2 days younger than andrew, and i think i am like within a few days old of holly- how wierd is that?

Anonymous said...

I, too like Kelsie's face in that picture, but did you notice the crusty look from the blond lady behind you? Geesh, what's her deal? Glad you had fun! xo

Awesome song! This was for this semester's Guitars Unplugged!