Tuesday, November 13, 2007

You may be asked to leave for class instruction.

Well, I'm on campus and thought I'd put a little posty on here, since it's been ages since I have. Unfortunately I don't have my camera to upload some pictures, so we'll have none of that on here today. Uh, Gwendy came to visit me last weekend. That was fun. We didn't really do much, but it was nice to just chill and hang out. Woot! Um, I have a social problems test this week, that I need to do before probably Thursday because I'm pretty sure we're leaving on Friday for Thanksgiving stuff. We have all next week off. How righteous is that? I'm super excited, especially to see Kelsie....oh, and everyone else that I"ll be seeing. Yay! I'm spending Thanksgiving in Vegas with me, Kierstin, Becca, Scott, Estelle, Jared, Christine, Hans, Holly and Kelsie. It's going to rock! So if anyone wants me to gamble for them, you can deposit some money in a numbered off-shore account that I will tell you about. I am old enough to gamble, ya know! WEll, this keyboard is really annoying me and I don't like it much, so I will skeedaddle now. Have a nice week!


DKSBrayton said...

Happy Thanksgiving. Have a blast in Vegas! Eat some In n' Out burger and tell everyone hi for me!
Love, Krystal.

SPENCERS said...

I hope you all have such a good time! Wish we were there...except I'm close to delivering a wee bairn so that wouldn't work out so well. And you do need to post again. with pictures. ok. Have fun!

Sadie & Corey said...

You have to call me! I am home in Mona till Tuesday and then I'll be heading back down to St. George for Turkey Day. Corey is home till Monday (3ish). So halla at me and we'll hook it up!

Anonymous said...

UMMM... this last post was kinda BOOOORRRRIIIINNNGGGG! WE want some pictures hey! We want some pictures HEY! LOVES, Anna

Awesome song! This was for this semester's Guitars Unplugged!