Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Pictures, Pictores and more pics!

So, per your request Elsa, here are some pictures from Michelle's reception and me and my awesome dress. And some other pictures as well.

This was on Christmas on the way to the Senior Center. Kammi's nasty front tooth has come back. (remember that? haha!)

This is me with the newlyweds. Ah, fun!

The three bridesmaids. The professional pictures should be out soon, so hopefully I'll be able to get a CD of those or something. Left to Right, Gina Ellis, Lynzie (ellis) Jorgensen and moi!

And here is Millie with us, and well as Michelle's niece, Reese. She's my little buddy!

And the three of us bridesmaids with the bride. But, technically I was the only one who could have been the Maid of Honor, and Lynzie and Gina said I could because they are both already married, so they'd be matrons of honor. Plus, I'm just the coolest!
Well there's that. Michelle's mom made the dresses, aren't they so good? yeah, she's pretty much an amazing seamstress (sp?) okay, gonna jet!


Anonymous said...

HEIDELBURG!!! You look absolutely amazing! I'm like totally... KNOCKED OUT! REally, I'm on the floor unconscious, and my other body is typing this message! WHOA!
Anywho- we should talk again sometime, and get together in March... say the beginning when Eltza and Blur are gonna be here. You should ask Jacob what the most BEST song in the world is... it's a goody!
Well, love you, love, The Opalescent Handmaiden and her Fiendish Nave
(that would be Anna and Matthew)

Gwen Lynn said...

You look so freakin' cute!!! And I am gonna call you tonight but you'll probably get this after I talk to you but I feel like writing to you. But you are a-maz-ing!!!! And I will talk to you in t-minus one hour! WEEE!

SPENCERS said...

Hey, those dresses ARE rockin'! You look great and looks like you had lotsa fun! The pics of the sunset up top are amazing, too. It makes me miss alaska like crazy! And I hope becca gave you my message that we'll be there until the 8th (if she didn't, I'm going to be ANGrAYhhh!) And I hope Anna recovered. If not, dibbs on her cosmetics collection (heh-heh-heh. And don't think your body double is gonna beat me to it!) Keep up the good work on your straight-A studies, heides. By the way, Sean's got an obsession with Hammers now..."if I had a hammer...I'd hammer all over this land..."

Awesome song! This was for this semester's Guitars Unplugged!