Thursday, March 13, 2008

Majora Pictore Updato!

I was going to put some from last weekend, but my camera just died after I put these up, so I'll have to get to that later! But....
The semester in review. So I haven't put any of my pictures on here months! So here are some...

That little white thing in the middle of the black stuff was the lunar eclipse. My camera doesn't do it justice, but it was cool. And that big white thing is the Rexburg Temple. So cool!

We made a fort out of blankets next door! Kirsten, Kierstin, William and myself. It was up for like 2 days!

William showing off our fort!

From way back at the beginning of the semester. We made chicken enchineenees and invited next door to eat with us. Circle L to R: Chelsey, Kirsten, Shaina, Nena, Kierstin, Mindy and Becca. Yummo!

This was our ward's last trip to do baptisms down in Idaho Falls. Well afterwards at Denny's anyway! Kierstin, me, William, Isaac and Andrew (boys from our ward and our FHE bros!)

Me and William on our way back from I.F.

Our dericious spaghetti dinner a few weeks ago. Tabitha, Shantel, Shaina, Nena, Daniel, Josh (boys from the ward) and Kirsten. Let me tell you what, it was so good! Thanks Grandma McCubbins for the sauce tips!

I think this was from the morning of the temple dedication. we went to Scott and Estelle's for a brunch. It was lovely, except we cooked bacon and smelled so....gross during the dedication! Woops!
Well school is going well. I have less than a month until the semester is over and I'm so decided about that! All is well, except the last week was really warm and the snow was melting and almost gone, then I wake up this morning and its SNOWING! Agh! I really hate the weather here. I'd rather it just stay snowy or cold then get warm and stay that way than go back and forth. Sheesh!


SPENCERS said...

Way to work it! and out! And "william" has the same smile as her sister. and thanks for the pinata fiesta party...OLE! We'll put up more pics soon--just busy with things. Hey, sista-go, sista- yo, sista...

The Thomas Family said...

ok so after reading the previous William really that girls name? If it is that's wierd. I can't believe your semester is almost over!! Crazy. And then are you still going to AZ?

Mary Grace said...

oh heidi!!! sorry i didnt see you the other day. i caught a ride up with Jo's dad- and we drove up that morning, then drove home right after the lifts closed. i didnt get to see anyone who wasnt on the hill!!! not even becky! snaps.
but i will call you soon. just wanted to say hi on blog.

Awesome song! This was for this semester's Guitars Unplugged!