Thursday, June 19, 2008

Oh the happenings of Homer!

So Anna said my last post was BORING! I can't say this post will not be boring, but it'll have pictures! They are truly random happenings, but still good. And not all of Homer!

I like to call this one "Oh Homer!" I'm sure there will be many many more to come, seeing as how I'll be there at least 3 more weeks and I see stuff like this all the time. I saw this guy at Safeway going into the store. He has his brown extratuf boots, sweat pants (with stains naturally) and a ragedy t-shirt! Classic. I should have taken a picture of the guy who was just to the right of this one fixing the tire on his boat trailer complete with a plumber's crack! Ah, Homer!

So I REALLY need a new camera or something, but this is on the roof of the school that I'm painting. This picture doesn't even do the view justice. Sometimes I find myself just staring at the water and mountains. SOO PRETTY! (oh, and just so you know, that red is no longer red. It is in the process of becoming totally blue!)

So this is my new hat that I got in Homer and i LOVE it! it's really cool...and cute some might say. And you can sort of see my raccoon eyes tan from wearing my safety sunglasses. it was so incredibly sunny all week (except today) and we were outside the whole time. Now, you'd think I would have been loving it, but not so much because it was extremely windy, and then working up on the roof almost the whole week made it even worse. I think I got some wind burn too.

So this picture is from this last winter in Rexburg. This is Millie's car and the reason I took this picture was because this was in the morning and the car had been completely cleared off the night before! There was a crazy ton of snow this last winter!

This is for Gwendy. I went to a quilt show earlier this summer with Charive, Grandma, Aunt Christing, Estelle and Becca in Homer and this was a quilt that I liked and said I'd get a picture of for her. I think it's a sheep!

Here's another "Oh Homer" for you! This really is a street name down there! Wow!

This was a sign in an office at the school. I just like it! It's true. I can walk and certainly dance and I can talk and sometimes sing! Ah!

And this was from our singles bike ride around the loop a few weekends ago. Becca, Kierstin, Sister Forbes, Brother Forbes and Jared Forbes. It was a good one!
So there are my pictures. This week was cool I guess. It did fly by awfully fast which was excellent! And it's now the weekend for me. I will be heading up to Anchorage to pick Millie up, stay the night, then watch her, Charive and Connie in the marathon on Saturday. Good luck to them! Alright well that's all for now! PEACE


Anonymous said...

BALUGALUGALUGALUG (OK, I really don't know if that's how a raccoon sounds, but that's what it sounds like right now... kind of GUTTERAL) Anywho- this post is MUCHO BETTERO! I, too, love Alaska. There was a guy who's hair I did, that said he moved here from Texas, and I wanted so badly (and still do) to tell him, "Oh, I come from the bigger and BETTER state! HAHA
Welp, have fun w/ Mills and cheering her on! I LOVE YOU RACCOONIO! (yes, that's your new nickname)
Love, Bananiebutts

Randrea said...

heidi! I didn't have your e-mail address so that I could invite you to our blog when I made it private! Send me your e-mail address. My e-mail is
Andrea S.

munyer jerk chicken said...

what you call "oh homer", jacob and i call "OIA" which means "only in alaska". i think i'll go hang out at safeway tomorrow so i can snap a picture like yours. it really is classic. not just anybody can appreciate this shot!

lindsey said...

hey cuzzy wuzzy. got your message...i'll have to call this wkend...way over our minutes!
our new address is

amelia and jason said...


I love your posts and I love your new Homer hat!! It looks like you are keeping busy! You need to come visit us when you get back down here!

Mberenis said...

Great blog! thank you for posting, I've bookmarked this for future reference.

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Awesome song! This was for this semester's Guitars Unplugged!