Monday, December 15, 2008

Come Fly with me...

Oh wow, what an exciting last few days it's surely been! So last week I didn't get much sleep all week cause it was finals and cleaning and moving and all that stuff. Not really stressful, just tiring! I made it though, don't worry! So Friday I only had to go to Russian Culture and turn in my final paper. No biggie there. But the major thing was getting everything packed up in a storable fashion, then taking it over to Kierstin's to store during the break. After getting everything packed up Kierstin, Skyla and their friend, Mike, and I headed down to Idaho Falls to get some food. Everything in Rexburg was basically closed at this time. The drive down was quite alright. We went to Mike's mom's to switch cars and as we got about half a mile down the road, he realized there was a flat tire. So we turned around, went back, filled it up, then headed into I.F. Long story short, we got a little lost, found Denny's, ate Denny's, it was good, then we headed out. On the way out Kierstin thought for sure you made just a quick turn then it got you on the highway. Well, aout 20 minutes later I look over to the right and see the temple again, and shortly after the sign for Denny's. We had headed out in the wrong direction and circled all the way back south then up again. It was funny, to say the least!

Well, I got back to my place to do some last minute moving and cleaning (hopefully I did it to Pine View Place's standards, or I might forfeit my deposit. Shoot.) Then went and did some last minute visiting of the peeps. At about 2 my friend Amy and Kierstin took me to the Hart to meet the bus I was getting a ride to the airport on. There were like 3 big tour buses, and all of them were packed! Oh, and on the way back from I.F. it started to snow. Pretty badly too! Which meant we went about 45-50 m.p.h. on the bus. It took about 45 minutes to get past I.F. a trip that usually takes about 25 minutes. I was worried about getting to the airport too late. Not too late to catch my flight, but my friends were flying out about an hour before I was and I wanted to see them. But we made it in time and I got all checked in and through security without a hitch and go to see Lisa before she flew out to HAWAII!

My flights were pretty good. We were sitting in the plane at Salt Lake for about 45 minutes for de-icing, but I actually was just sleeping for most of it. I was pretty exhausted. Because we had to wait for so long, it made my layover in Chicago rather short, which I was all for. Then the flight from Chicago to Philly was pretty short as well and I got in like half an hour early! Elsa picked me up, so fun to see her and chat, then I got back to her house and was reunited at last with my pretchus nephews! oh they're so cute! And so excited to see me, if I do say so myself! Oh so funny! It was Elsa's ward Christmas program at church yesterday and the primary sang a few songs. (Elsa is the primary chorister and they did really good!) So after their 3 songs or whatever, people in the congregation started clapping! It was so hilarious!! Talk about a culture shock coming here! And then they did SINGO in primary (like bingo, but singing songs....yeah) and one was child's choice. The girl who chose it said she wanted to sing a Christmas song. Elsa said which one? Feliz Navidad, she says! So they sang feliz navidad! In Primary! It was AWESOME! And jacob introduced me as his new person to the rest of the primary. yes, I went to primary with Elsa and Jacob. It was humurous!

Well, no pictures to upload yet. I actually got a new memory card for my camera, thinking my old one might just be old and saving the pictures fuzzy. I took a few pics of the boys last night and was going to get some of my and Jake's gingerbread house that we're making, but haven't uploaded them yet. Soon, my child! Soon! well, gonna skitter now! More to come later! Sorry for the length and the rambling. If you're reading this, way to keep reading about my boring life!! Woot!


Anonymous said...

You do SO not have a boring life! That's so exciting that you are in Philly! I think that's awesome that everyone started clapping... Sometimes I feel like clapping when people do good things in Sacrament Meeting, but then I actually DO clap for other things in Primary. MWAHAHAHA. ANywho- give those pretchI (that's PRETCHUS PLURAL!:))
smoochies especially from their Aunt Anna.
Love, Anna

Anonymous said...

I recently came accross your blog and have been reading along. I thought I would leave my first comment. I dont know what to say except that I have enjoyed reading. Nice blog. I will keep visiting this blog very often.


Charise said...

'Oh Heidelburg, oh Heidulburg! What lovely neph nephs you ha-aaave.' That's the song I would have chosen to sing in primary. I love long blog posts, especially yours! And I want to see pictures of the gingerbread house - I bet it's amazing. Is it perhaps a house for pirates or spiderman - maybe Indiana Jones?

Awesome song! This was for this semester's Guitars Unplugged!