Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Some stuff

Here are some randoms from late.

You can sort of see my sweet rockstar streak that Anna put in my hair 2 weeks ago! It's so tig! And blue!

Another bored day in Macroeconomics. ugh!

My Christmas present to myself! Chacos for $38! They usually go for about $95! Woot Woot! Now if only the snow would go away and it would get warmer so I can wear them more often!

I know this is disgusting, but there's a lesson learned: clean your shower drain once in a while, especially if you have a bunch of girls using it! YUCK!!

So this one was from a while ago, like around the 16th of January or something. We went to this comedy improv thing, much like Who's Line Is It Anyway, here on campus. This is Corbin Allred, the guy who starred in Saints and Soldiers. So funny. He was accompanied by Kirby Heyborne, the guy from all the church movies like The R.M., Singles Ward, the Best Two Years, etc. But we didn't get a picture with him. Also was another guy from those movies, but I don't remember his name! It was fun, and this guy liked us! We invited him up to Alaska, but I don't know if he'll come!
And those are the pictures as of late! Not a lot going on here, except there's a blizzard today. Ew! School is good, classes are good, life is good! And my honorary niece and her mother are doing good! Sa-weet! Peace!


Anonymous said...

You're right! That drain is DEESGUSTING! We've never had any problems w/ ours. We've only had to use draino once or twice in our bathroom sink. We've never had problems w/ the tub. You guys must be REALLY hairy, or you have a sasquatch living w/ you... I vote for the latter! :) J/K
Love you, love Anna

Sadie said...

I almost threw up at the tub picture. Not okay. I'm reporting you to blogger. icky.

Good to hear you're doing well otherwise!

Bleach, lots of bleach...still dry heaving at the tub picture.

Ali said...

Ahhh I hate cleaning out my drain...but at least I know all the hair in there is mine...I would NEVER clean out a drain that other girls are using! Kudos to you for doing that or your roommate...whoever did it! I love the bored in class pictures...they make me laugh!

Gwendy Lynn said...

Oooh! I love the blue streak!! Do you still have it in?

OH... and your word verification is hilarious right now! Goduck! GO DUCK!! ha ha!!!

Awesome song! This was for this semester's Guitars Unplugged!