Thursday, March 19, 2009

Kite Flying Fun and picture overload!

So these are backwards, but oh well! Last Sunday we had some good times with nature. It wasn't too cold, but it WAS windy enough to go fly kites! I love flying kites! And we climbed a tree. That was lovely!

Buzz, Bailey and Kierstin. I took this pic...I must say, it's pretty sweet!

They were having an Edward and Bella moment...with a little Ginny Weasley thrown in there!

The tree and I had it out and this is what it did to me!

Me, Seth (from our ward) Buzz and Kierstin. Great angle, I know!

I told them to look angry but cool. I don't think Bailey got it!
After all our jumping around! Don't you LOVE my hat? It's actually Bailey's, but I borrowed it! Going back to my native roots, man!

Oh these next pics were so fun, even if the process of taking them KILLED my ankle more!
Buzz, Bailey, me, Kiersty and Seth

Me, Kiersty, Buzz and Amanda (our upstairs neighbor who lives with Bailey. They are both in our choir too! Totally awesome chickas!)

Bailey calls this my seal pose...not quite sure what that's supposed to mean!

Kiersty with a kite...texting of course!

Don't know what happened to my arm in this pic, but it's kinda cool!

Amanda flying Jack (our skull kite!) She was so decided!

You'll probably have to click on this one to see me, Buzz, Kierstin and Brian Fellows (our tree frog kite!) Our other kite was named...well I don't think he had a name, but he was posessed and a T-Rex kite! Jack and the T-rex kite are plastic and lame, so I went and got some more kites like Brian Fellows to add to my zoo. I need to fly them to get their names though!

Me and my relaxed pose flying Jack. It's so calming!

Even more relaxed! Workin' the string, aw yeah!

Before going kite flying, waiting for Buzz to get his hair cut. Total rockstar! Unfortunately those glasses decided to break later :(

"I'm not so sure about this...!"

Had to have some tea and hot cocoa after flying kites for a few hours! We also did the Tim Tam slam (Millie!) delish!

Me and Bailey being abstract in the bathroom! And no I wasn't going! It was totally just for the photo op!

This was from a couple weeks ago at our friend, Brittany's, birthday party. So fun!

I have my own personal hair dresser! Bailey loves to do hair, especially mine in corn rows! I'm so tig!

Me and Bailey after she did my rows!
So there are my massive pics! Well, Bailey's but I got them from her! And an update on my ankle: A couple weeks ago I woke up with the arch of my left foot and about 6 inches up my leg hurting really badly. I tried to nurse it back to health my wrapping and icing it, but about a week later decided to go get it checked at the Student Health Center. It wasn't a total waste of time. I found out it wasn't something really really bad, but instead it's some kind of tendonitis. But the doctor was completely lame and not very helpful. I had to ask all the questions in order to get any kind of information out of her. Needless to say, I'm not going back to her! But, the swelling has gone down a bit and it hurts the most in the mornings or if I play on it (like from Sunday.) So, I'm trying to take it real easy!
There's my massive post! Hope you enjoyed and you are more than welcome to comment back! oh yeah, and school is going well. Only like 20 days until I'm done!! WOOT WOOT WOOT!


Cassandra said...

Looks like good times.. those pics are awesome! Seth was in my F.H.E. group the first semester I was here (two years ago) He's a cool guy!

Jared, Christine, & Lucas said...

So Jared and I love the jumping pictures! It looks like they were photoshopped or maybe like you're floating. We are way impressed with all of your timing on the jumping and the person who was snapping the pics. So what are you going to do when school is over in less than 3 weeks?

Anonymous said...

Hey doodie-brain-crybaby-tripod! (I say that cause of your hurt limb!:)) This is your best post in a LONG time! I'm very eempressed. Yeah, so let me know when you guys come to Utah, exactly, so that I can hopefully plan accordingly. Loves, Love, Bananiebutts

Hey foodie-brain-crybaby-tripod! (I say that cause of your hurt limb!:)) This is your best post in a LONG time! I'm very eempressed. Yeah, so let me know when you guys come to Utah, exactly, so that I can hopefully plan accordingly. Loves, Love, Banquettes

Gwendy Lynn said...

Woot Woot! Those are some su-weeeeet pictures! I especially like the kite flying ones.... ;) Loves loves loves you! Can't wait to fly kites in ALASKA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

Also... I'm gonna have to say that this perhaps is the most awesome blog post ever! Yeah, yeah I think it is! I challenge anyone and everyone to try and beat it!
Love, the Parishioners Priest!

SPENCERS said...

Oh my! That was a thoroughly enjoyable post! And great because it wasn't just one or two fun pictures but a BUNCH of fun pictures! I loved it. Your tree-fight hand injury...puh-lease. You should just amputate something as mangled as that is. The jump, jump, for my love pictures are excellent! I may have to have one blown up and framed! The twilight photos are breathtakin...and perhaps the cause of your vertigo. Oh, upon further inspection I see you did amputate...well, good then.

Awesome song! This was for this semester's Guitars Unplugged!