Friday, February 26, 2010

The BYU-I Do

Here's our song for Guitars Unplugged! Sorry it's not the best quality!

Tuesday’s here,
it’s 2 o’clock (woah woah woah)
President Clark isgiving a talk
She’ll scratch your back if
You take the notes
And you’ll never be lonely anymore

Because you’re
Going to devotional and you’re
Gonna sit together
Goin’ to devotional she could
Stare at you forever
Gee she just met you but you’re
Looking much better
Welcome to the byu I do

Friday night it’s 12:45 (woah, woah woah)
Drop her off quick
And don’t be shy
Awkward door scenes
And a handshake goodbye
Bet you’re hopin’
You’d been a bit more sly

Because you
Had your first real date
And you’re hopin for another
Had your first real date better
Talk to her mother, father
Gee I think she likes you cause she’s
Dumped all the others
Welcome to the byu I do

Spring is here
Everyone’s dressed in white (woah)
What’s going on
Must have, done something right
Today’s the day, one day your’s too
To make a success story of the BYU-I do

Because you’re
Going to the temple and you’re
Gonna get married
Going to the temple and you’re
Gonna get married

Gee I think she loves you
Cause you’re really getting married
All thanks to the BYU-I do
All thanks to the BYU-I do


SPENCERS said...

cute cute cuterriffic! That was a fun one! Great job, kiddies!

Anonymous said...

yay! I LOVED IT! Now, you should tell me everything you sang in it, cause I couldn't understand all of it. Way cute though! Matthew and I are performing in a concert next weekend! :) WOO-HOO! Love you.
Love, Anna

Anonymous said...

ditto yo both! buzzoo

Awesome song! This was for this semester's Guitars Unplugged!