Sunday, February 14, 2010

Trippin' and family

My cousin, John Larson, passed away last week and Millie, Anna, Buzz and I went down to Phoenix for the funeral. It was a bittersweet trip. Sad to be going under such circumstances, but good to see everyone there!
There is a blog for my cousin John at for those of you who are interested.

Buzz Parquoring (sp?) at a gas station.

The Larsons who have recently had babies

The Larsons

And the Larsons again

Me and my cuz, Linz!

Aunt Laura and John's wife, Lila, holding pics of John

Phil, Alicia and their precious Emmett

The sibs and our aunties


Anna and Kaylyn

COUSINS! And a couple aunts and uncle!


Becca, Ben, Grandpa Larson, Millie and Hannah

The Frasures

Tia, Me, Buzz and Jenny


Meeting up with Cody and getting gasolinas before our LOOOOOONG trip!
So, there it is! Hope you enjoyed!

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