Saturday, April 23, 2011

I guess it's time to put these up.

Blogger sometimes does this thing where it won't let me upload pictures so it discourages me from posting very often. That being said, here is my life in a nutshell from the last couple months:
First off, Elsa had a baby on June 17th. This makes the fifth for her and Blair! Baby Brynna Jane is oh so cute and I can't wait to meet her! She already loves me I know it!
So way back around April 8th I FINALLY graduated from college!!!! WOOT WOOT WOOT! I have a Bachelor of Science in Communications with clusters (mini minors) in Russian and Sociology. I'm going to communicate to society in Russian! Oh and I graduated Cum Laude! Who knew I was so smart? ;) (that's top 10% of my class...yeah I didn't know what it meant either or that I got it until I saw it in the program!)
Gwen and Anna came up from Vernal to sit through a couple boring hours of talkers to support me. Thank you so so much! MYLC besty!
Me and my peeps. DyaDya Ed and Aunt Bear also came to watch! Thanks to them too! I shall miss living so close to them there in the Burg.
So after gradumacation Buzz and I went to Oklahoma for a few days to see fambly there! Kelsie and Zachary are SOOOOOO cute!
Hollster took us to this eatery called Pop's. We had a lovely dinner with Kierstis and Chris (her beau) and boy did Kelsie and Zach love their sodo!
Celebrating Kierstin's 22nd birthday with yummo cupcakes Hans made! I love my siblings!
Then I made it home and shortly thereafter took off on quite the adventure! Long story short, Aunt Lisa sold her car, found another one in Norman, Oklahoma, we flew down and drove it back. Oh, and did a few things here and there! 11 days and over 8,000 miles later we finally made it back to Kenai! Here was our route:
Flying out of Kenai. Oh it was a beautiful flight!
Ok, best mullet EVER! This was in the Anchorage airport. She was on our flight from there to Salt Lake, then again on to OKC. Mercy it was glorious!
How awesome was it that Norman is RIGHT next to Moore, which is where Hans' family and Kierstin live. So we flew in, bought the car, then stayed the night with them. The next day we drove to Tulsa to see Mike's family and stayed the night. The NEXT day, Holly drove Hans and his kids to Tulsa to meet up with us and we travelled out to Illinois for Uncle James' law school graduation.

It was so fun seeing family, and meeting James' youngest daughter Sarah! We had a wonderful weekend!
Kelsie and Zach were such amazing travelers! Well the built-in DVD player helped with that, but sometimes Zach would just talk to himself! And Hans did such a good job with them, even when Zach gave us a little scare one night with his allergies. Good times!
I got to check something off my bucket list! "Check out the Mississippi River" I also went to 3 new states: Kansa, Missouri and Illinois! (that one goes under "visit all 50 states")

Something else worthy of note is I got to use my new passport that I was forced to get after my last one was stolen. yeah it was only for Canada, and no I haven't gotten a stamp in it yet, but that'll hopefully come with my and Gwen's cruise!

We saw 3 black bears on the drive
And a few of the HUGE wood bison. They were seriously so big. And they poop...a lot! It blew Aunt Lisa away!
After driving about 5,127 miles this was the amazing sunset our last night of the journey. Ah I love alaskan skies!
A couple weeks ago I got to go with the stake, more specifically the Young Single Adults and do baptisms! I haven't done that in far too long, so it was to great to go serve those who have passed on before me. Juanita Millyard, Lacey, Becca Buzz and I all drove up together then hit up Chili's before heading back.
This brings me to my summer job that finally started about a month ago. (actually the week right after I got back from my road trip!) I'm painting with the borough again! This last week I finally made it out of town and will be for quite a few weeks I think. Fa la la la la la la ka-CHING! I'm working on the Seward High School. This is Brian a full-timer pressure washing up on the lift. This is a before pic. I need to get an after washing pic. It looks awful! but then it'll look nice and purdy once we're done!

And that's my life as of late! I know, so deciding! Thing are good, just counting down the days until our cruise! it's 62, just FYI! Then after that I'm off to Virginia to live with Eltza! Weee!


Gwendy Lynn said...

Woo! New post. FINALLY! Love it! Love you! MYLC!

Heather said...

Congrats on being an aunt again, and woot woot for graduating!

Anonymous said...

Oh yay!!!! I'm so glad that you have posted what's going on in your life! I'm so glad that you're coming to live with our big sister! She's really gonna need a lot of help w/ all these little kiddos runnin' around! LOVES! Love, Bananiebutts

Awesome song! This was for this semester's Guitars Unplugged!