Sunday, February 11, 2007

Alaska Party!!

So, I hosted an Alaska Party last Friday night, which was a great success, complete with some halibut and salmon. woot woot! It was quite the party. I'd say about 30-40 people showed up throughout the night. And no, not everyone was Alaskan, but they were for the most part. It was rockin! We even made a make-shift Alaska flag, and a "I (heart) AK) sign" it was su-weet...we're gonna have some more soon, but hopefully on a night where there isn't a lame sweetheart ball, so more people will come. But yeah, things are going swimingly, almost literally. It's been raining a lot here. I think I prefer rain over snow though. And Elsa, the lapt top is working swell, I just need to look into getting a wireless card for it to try to get the internet. Thanks again. Okay, enjoy my sweet pics and keep the comments coming! Oh and Gwendy, let me know your blog address so I can have a looksey!

A small group of us, near the end of the night. I know, I'm just glowing!

Me, Colton (from Palmer, old friend!) and Brittany doing the Thriller dance. I think I had just hit Colton in the face here! Sorry dude!

let's see, Brittany, Ammon Pettijohn, Jo, Alex (with nasty black eye from soccer), Celeste, Colton, Jedd, Mary, Scott and Becca (?)

Jedd, Mary and Scott with our dericious halibut.

Alex, Erik(from ketchikan) Brittany, Colton Jedd, me and Kori. Woot Woot! Soooo Good!!!


mare said...

oh yes
alaska party a success
all that alaska-ness
the last frontier sure is blessd!

Anonymous said...

I my gosh i was at the alaska it so amazing imygosh

Millie said...

Yeah for Alaska parties!!! Looks like a B-L-A-S-T!!! And, I love your poems. Thanks for letting me be your Valentine, very well, I accept. You may write an ode to me. I shall let you. Loves!

Awesome song! This was for this semester's Guitars Unplugged!