Tuesday, February 6, 2007


Okay, so I know I post on here a lot, but I was reading a talk by Elder Jeffrey R. Holland and he said this about friends:
"...people deserve to have true friendships--the real value of which, like our health, may never be realized until we face life without them."
I just really like those lines. They go along with teaching people the gospel. Everyone should ponder these words and act on them!
Have a nice day,

oh yeah, and it is okay to leave comments and I love getting them! (hint hint)


mare said...

heidi- love the quote...we are friends you know. :) love you

cassie and dan said...

hey nice quote, i saw neal a maxwell at swiss days in midway one time. i just stood there with a big smile as he walked by me. i was in shock! like WOW!!! what a feeling he carries around his person too. i love getting comments too! i just found out you had a blog.

cassie and dan said...

ps who was the baby in the picture? that isnt chrysals baby right? i thought that was a boy. but maybe im wrong. i mean i know chrystals baby is a girl, but the picture i thought was maybe a boy. but man looking at your family picture makes me miss you guys a lot!!! like remember that night we went over to your house so late at night because we were moving in the morning. i miss your house, it smelled so much like home. it just always had a really distinct smell that was like very comfortable, like what a nice little home! i wish i could see you and anna! but im still in arizona. far from ya. maybe you and mary could come visit my baby when he's born, he's due march 31st.

Anonymous said...

yeah... that "homely" smell was probably our rotten roof, or perhaps it was the old church carpet with food stuck in it... lol
Just kiddin. Yeah. Here's a post for you Parishoner's-Priest-Heidi, AKA She-Who-Has-No-Name. I think you should get married to Voldemort, because he's called... He-Who-Shall-Not-Be-Named HA! I'm tired. Love you, Bananiebutts

Awesome song! This was for this semester's Guitars Unplugged!