Wednesday, February 7, 2007

Woot Woot!

okay, so I'm liking all the comments! They make me feel so special! Let's see...Cassie the baby in the picture is my cousin's baby, Gavin. Yes, he is a boy. He is a cousin on my dad's side. And I miss you too. I'm probably coming down that way sometime in April cause my brother's wife is having a baby too, so I'll definitely try to come out and see you and your baby! Anna-I like the quotes, and you do sound tired with them, like you're just rambling on! But that's okay, I know how funny you are when you're tired (nights in Galena!) And are a little turd bucket. 1. because you didn't tell me you had a blog so I can see it, and B. because you are rubbing it in my face that you get more letters from my brother. psh, whatever. I'm over it! And I'm not going to put a picture of you and me on my blog until you inform my brother that he needs to write me. so there! what kind of position are you in now, eh? Okay, this post is more like a bunch of random e-mails to people. Today was good....Book of Mormon, College Writing and Biology went off without a hitch. Now I need to shower and go through my lines for my scene tomorrow! Wish me luck with that! Pace out!

p.s. if any of you haven't gone to Hans and Holly's blog and watched their video, you need to do that right now, even before you leave me a comment. I have a link to their page over there --->
watch it, you will laugh!
p.p.s. did you know that 25% of Americans think Elvis is still alive? ( woah!


mare said...

just because we live together doesnt mean you cant leave personal messages for ME on your blog. i mean, come one, you addressed everyone else! good luck on your scene today. sorry i didnt help you practice...but i thought about it. have a good day hopefully i will see you before bed...i think i am booked until...6? not sure. loves (sorry this was more of an email than a comment, eh? :)

Gwen said...

Heidi! I think you would be called the Turd Bucket Queen pshh not putting me on because Your own bro refuses to write you! Jk I will write him back and tell him to write you. Um.. I didnt know I had a blog. Hate to say it but Im not computer savvy. Well, I Love yer guts!

Awesome song! This was for this semester's Guitars Unplugged!