Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Free free free!!

So, this post title has mixed meanings. The pictures are all about being free, cause that's what they were. But as for my state, I'm not free now, but I will be this weekend. I have my research paper to get finished by tomorrow, and I'm kinda stressing about it. I've spent like at least 5 hours at the library today working on it. grrr! But it'll get done, I know it! And then it'll be such a relief to have it done, then I'll be free from that burden. I also look forward to this weekend. Aunt Mary is having a niece's weekend down at her house, so I'm leaving Friday after English (bio is cancelled for fri and mon) with the Kumfermans, and am gonna hang out with some sweet people (Anna)! Then I'll come back some time Sunday. I wonder if my ward thinks I'm inactive! mrh! But uh, I did my second performance of my scene. I think it went better than the first. And yeah, I'm just looking forward to my last few weeks of the semester! Woopedeewee! I'm almost done with my first semester of college. I think I'll have a party for myself when I'm through! Oh yeah, and I did AWESOME on my last bio test. On the multiple choice section that was graded automatically, I already got an 83, and that was out of 32 questions, but then for the written part, which was about 78 questions or so, I only missed 4! FOUR! I'm so proud of myself! Oh, and my stinkin' MP3 player just stopped working on me last week. Just froze, then said error and now it won't even turn on. That's pretty lame-oh. I'm gonna have to figure out what the deal is there, cause I miss it when I go work out and walk to and from school. psh, tss, fft, kc, tst, ch, pf. I think that's about all. I hope you all have been enjoying my new selection of music mmm-mmm-goodiebop!

This is my loaf of bread that I made with Mary's bread maker. It was bericous!

These are the bottles of shave gel and boxes of "monkeys" (Anna will get that!) that Mary brought home one day. They were just giving away all these samples in the Romney the other day, so Mary hooked us up.

I made away with about 15 bottles of shave gel from Mary cause she doesn't use it! Woot Woot!

I didn't really take any of these, but isn't it amazing? THIS STUFF WAS ALL FREE!

Have a nice day, have a nice day. No matter what the situation is, that's all they ever say is, have a nice day.....!


Anonymous said...

ch, pf, kc, mrh, rah, lah-dee-da lol!
Heidi, you are so friggin hilarious! I seriously laughed OUT LOUD... but not too loud, cause my sweetlips is trying to sleep. Anywho- did you read my last comment? I told you I was coming!!! I'm so DECIDED! I was thinkin' of doing some sort of spa night on Fri... Mary asked if I'd be in charge then, cause she has her forum thingy from 7-12 PM! ch! That's what I thought. Oh well, she said she might be able to get off early (on good behaviour?.... I DOUBT IT! lol) j/k
OH-KAY. Love you, love Bananiebutts

Millie said...

You are going to have so much fun! Yeah and wahooo! I got jealous. Hey, you can send me a can of shave gel if you want. =) Love yer stinkin' guts!

Millie said...

Mmm-bread,ba-ba-dop-ba, mmm-bread doobie-licious mmm-bread...

cassie and dan said...

nice song heidi. i must say i havnt heard this song for A LONG LONG Time. it reminds me of mary in des moines iowa... she will remember when this song came out. i think she was in 6th grade... anyways, you are definatly welcome even if you dont win the poll! hahaha. when is that date you will be around here? i will not be leaving any time soon;) so we will definately have to see you!

Anonymous said...

O my gosh Heidi. Mmm bob. Thats all i can say. Did you know that Hundreds of years ago Natives crossed an ice bridge from Russia to Alaska. These dang Natives were following a flock of WOolLy MamMoths wich was a main staple in their diet.

Awesome song! This was for this semester's Guitars Unplugged!