Saturday, March 17, 2007

poopy pants.

so, I found out yesterday as I was waiting for Krista to come pick me up so we could go to Utah that Mary and Aaron are really sick, so our whole weekend was cancelled. Sheesh. I was so excited to go too. So now i"m just stuck here in Rexburg for the weekend. But, the weather is ab-fab! I went on a nice bike ride today and I'll probably go back outside at some point. The downfall? Not wanting to study because of the nice weather. Agh! Well, Kiersty and Kammi go to Europe tomorrow, lucky dogs. But, I'm gonna jet now.
Peace out,


cassie and dan said...

Hey heidi, you'll never guess who i saw working at the hospital i will be delivering my baby at- HANS! crazy huh? he was working as the receptionist in the maternity wing. how wierd is that? i walked in and was like "are you a carlson?" and i was pretty sure he was. and i was right. so anyways he told me you were going to visit them before you went to AK, so you guys will have to make a trip down to casa grande and see us!!! you can come stay for a night if you have time:) it would be fun to have ya. hans and his wife and baby are welcome to come down if they want:)i think im about 45 minutes away from where they live. so not bad.

Millie said...

I was wondering how that fun weekend went...mmm, not so fun, sadness. Ah, but to have the beautiful weather. It's been c-o-l-l-l-D here. 0 or so. Brrr. I mean, I love it. Be greatful Anya. Loves!!!

SPENCERS said...

comment, comment
love elsa

Awesome song! This was for this semester's Guitars Unplugged!