Monday, March 19, 2007

Fun times!

We had a little fun this evening with my camera!

Cheesy smiles and side ponies!

Me and Amber posin'!

This was from this weekend. I went on a picnic and played Botchi (sp?) ball with Amber and Kevin, then took a few scenic pictores!
I like to call this "shadows..."

p.s. I got an e-mail from Buzz today, and he is doing AWESOME! He sounds like he is having a lot of success down there in South Carolina. Here he is "preaching a storm" as he put it at a baptismal service. His companion snuck this picture I guess. He talked about other pics, but there weren't any in the e-mail. Mrh! And I encourage everyone to write him a letter some time this week. I already did, so now ya'll should! bye!


cassie and dan said...

hey go buzz! i love missionaries. they do such good things. being a ward missionary made me appreciate how much the full time ones do. its so cool when people go on missions. nice side ponies! you can totally stay at my house when you come down, i will have an extra bed or two, and there will be plenty of room. so the offer is there should you want to!:)

mare said...

you have hot roomates.SIGN UP FOR TEH BIKING TRIP!

SPENCERS said...

those are some niiii-iii--i--ice pics. Have a good week since I won't be on the computer to email you since we'll be in PHILLY!!! boo-yaaah!

Gwen Lynn said...

HEidi! Amazing Hair!I wish I could do mine like that. So I still havent heard from buzz, whats up with that? mmm? love yer guts!

Millie said...

Heidi, she's so hot right now, Heidi. I wish I had hair like that. Loves

Awesome song! This was for this semester's Guitars Unplugged!