Saturday, March 24, 2007

Starry Starry Night...!

So, yesterday was really nice and we had a little car wash. This is Marty, Becky, me and Mare washing Marty's car. I think we washed about 4 cars!

I went to this little camp fire thingy tonight, which was cool, and while I was lying on the trampoline gazing at the stars, I discovered a new feature on my camera. I just switched it to "night" and this what it did with the moon! I think it just holds the shutter open and captures whatever it sees. I got a little creative. The first picture says my name!
And this picture says "hi!"
But things are going pretty well. Even though it was super sunny and I was wanting to hang out outside, I buckled down and got some stuff done. I finished the rest of my biology quizzes for the semester, got about 5 papers written, and read some. After spending about 4 hours in the library on a sunny saturday afternoon, I decided I had had enough and went home! It was a good day! and for some reason I feel sunburnt, but it's probably just from the fire! have a nice day!


mare said...

you feel sunburnt because you had a burning desire to go on the bike ride, but you didnt.
i am glad youre my roomate. its been fun :)

Millie said...

You can totally wash my car! Good luck w/ the last week of school!!!

Awesome song! This was for this semester's Guitars Unplugged!