Tuesday, April 3, 2007

I forgot I had a few pictures!

So, I remembered that I had some pictures with Drew and Brighton. They are so cute! And then there's me...!

And here are the cutie pa tooties!

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Anonymous said...

So yeah! I'm so excited for out GIRLZ PARTAY! I'm STOKED. DOOOOOD. (say it like a hippy!) And, I'm not gonna be done until like... well let me calculate it... hold on.... I'll have to get about 125 more hours after this week... BBBBBBBBBBOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!
It's ok though.
those kids are SSSSSOOOO cute! You know who's even cuter? Yeah, dat's right. It's Heids!
Love you, Love Bananiebutts

Awesome song! This was for this semester's Guitars Unplugged!