Thursday, May 3, 2007

Finally a picture update!

Sorry for not putting pictures on here in ages. I've been busy...a travellin' fool you could say. I got back to Kenai safe and sound last night at about 5, and now is the first chance I've gotten to do anything on the computer. Here are some pictures of my travels!

Jacob, Kelsie and Sean after Kelsie's birthday. They're all soooo cute. I'm only going to say that once!

Me and Jenny Johnson. She served a mission here in Alaska about 4 years ago and is living in Arizona now, so she came to visit me.

"Aunt Heidi, take a picture of me doing this!" Just one of the many exciting things Jacob showed me while I was with them in Vegas!

Awwww, I think they were tired. Holly, Kelsie and Hans taking a nap.

Seany's first birthday. This was seriously the best first birthday cake playing I've ever seen. This wasn't even the best of it. He got way more dirty. It was great!

Me and my niece after her blessing. She's so precious!

Jacob and Sean love me!

I went on a hike with Elsa, Blair, Jacob and Sean and some of Elsa and Blair's friends in Arizona. It was so hot! The hike was the White Tank something or other. This was at the end (but in the middle cause we had to hike out) of the hike, a cool little pool in a little corner. Very refreshing getting out of the shade!
Kelsie in one of the onesies I made for her for Christmas last year.

The cute little kids are why I'm an aunt! Sean, Kelsie and Jacob. I love it!

This is how Sean eats. Most of his food ends up on his face and bib, or just saved in his fists!
So, those are just a few pics of the fun times I've had since school got out. My next pictures will most likely be from Alaska, so watch out! Okay, gotta get busy! Peace!
Oh yeah, and if ya'll could pray for Anna since she's going through this hard time and recovery, that would be so helpful! Thanks!


Mary said...

glad youre home safe, love the pics. i am missing alaska right now!! and what happened to anna??

Anonymous said...

ok, so on the hike pic, you said very refreshing getting OUT of the shade? A wee bit confusing, there, I must say, my darlin' dau.

SPENCERS said...

Hey, nice photo skillz. But don't try blaming Jacob's rocker pose on him...we know you taught him all about KISS and the air guitar...

Anonymous said...

Actually, you should all pray for Matthew and Mom! They're the ones that have to put up w/ me! hehe
Love, Bananiebutts
PS thanks Heids. that's really sweet!

cassie and dan said...

hey harry, you never called!
nice pictures though:)

Anonymous said...

(I'm one to talk! Matthew and I never put new pictures on our site! LOL)
Love, Bananiebutts

Awesome song! This was for this semester's Guitars Unplugged!