Saturday, May 19, 2007

So sorry!

Well, so much has happened since last I wrote. It's been real nice getting back into the swing of things, i.e. working, trying to tolerate all the arguing at the house, and dividing my time amongst my local fans. But alas, it has been fruitful! Here are some pictures from just all that, except the working...and arguing!

So we had a little girls night last weekend, or maybe it was two weekends ago. Millie, Kierstin, Becca, Kelsie Nunez, me, Kammi and Lacey. We had a slumber party! It was cool!

And here is one of many beautiful sunsets I've witnessed since being home. Ah!

This was on the way back from Kierstin and Kammi's state solo & Ensemble performances. I think they were tired!

This is Jenae Weisz (Saltzgiver's) (as if I know any other Jenae) little boy, Gavin. We call him Gabo. He was eating an orange and didn't like it so much!

Lynzie, me and Michelle at the beach last Saturday. We had a little fire, roasted some hot dogs and marshmallows, and just chilled. It was so much fun to get back out there!

Me and Gabo!

A pretty little scenery shot on the way back from Anchorage. Sorry it's so fuzzy, but the windshield was dirty!

Well, those are some updates on what I've been up to. Are you happy now Anna? Okay, peace out you little ninnies!
P.S. We got to talk to Buzz on Mother's Day, and he is doing fantastic! Loving the mish! Woohoo!


Anonymous said...

I'm so decided that you put new pictures up! I've been waiting for munts and munts! (that's from "The Goonies" in case you didn't know) I had a blast going to see Eltsa and Blairence. I have some cute pictures and videos of our cute nephews. I'll have to get them sent to you sometime!
OK. Later
Love, Anna the Magnificent
p.s. I only eat turkish Caviar and I go by the name of Ly-le, the Cro-co-dile

Gwen Lynn said...

Woot! Woot! You put pictures on AND talked to BUZZ! Im so jello-ous! I saw Anna Banana today! I sat in foy-ay with her during sacrament. I love ya to death and I miss talking to ya lots! Peace, Have fun! Love yer guts!

SPENCERS said...

Looks like a party up in AK. I do miss those sunsets and those beautiful mountains! And my crazy family! LUCKY... Stay cool. And save up your pennies and skymiles so you can come visit us in a year or two out in philphiadelphia. xo

Carlson's said...
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Carlson's said...

Darn you Lyle. I would never leave you. I always sing that song.

Awesome song! This was for this semester's Guitars Unplugged!