Friday, July 20, 2007

Kenai Fjord Trip!!!

A large group of us embarked on a grand adventure today (Thursday, the 19th) to the Kenai Fjord Tours out of Seward. Included on this adventure we had me, my mom, Lisa, Courtland, Dreamie, Mary, Grandma, Amy, Ed, Karen, Emma, Maggie, Christine, Tess, Kate, Kamilla, Katie, and Hendy. It was so much fun, and we saw good stuff. We saw puffins, sea lions and otters, porpoises (or is it porpi?), orcas, humpbacks (from a distance), and a bunch of other random animals. We also went to this one glacier and heard it rumble and watched it break apart. And the weather was just AWESOME! Over 3/4 of our group had never been on the tour before, so it was a new, fun and exciting experience for all. And Krystal Brayton if you read this, I thought of you many times and you were missed. This was my first time going without you! Well, here are A LOT of pictures, but not as many as I had. I took around 80, but Hendy took like 240 or so! Whew! We also have some video, so perhaps I"ll try to get some of that on at a later time! All I can say is Alaska is so incredibly beautiful!

Me in front of the glacier! I found this sweet coat in the girls room. It's gore-tex!

Katie, Tess, Mary, Courtland, Kamilla, Emma and Dreamie heading out of the bay.

Dreamie, Court, Emma, Mary, Kate and Tess before we left the harbor.

Dreamie, Kate and Tess exploring the boat with me before we left.

Everyone eating lunch of breaded halibut, chips, apple and a drink. It was pretty good!

Me with the Thompsons. Woo hoo!

Mom and Dreamie!

Rockin' Maggie! She's starting to say "I love you!" For reals...

A lazy sea lion!

YAY, we saw some whales. I literally said "Thumbs up, we saw whales!" Cause we were so excited to have seen some!

Mary and Christine

Court, me and Tess in front of the glacier

So my camera didn't zoom too far, so I put the lens right in the eye hole of the binoculars and this is what happened. The gray part right around the very middle was a little waterfall coming out of the glacier. It was cool.

The glacier. I think a chunk had just fallen into the water.

This is for my friend Mary. She, our friend Rachel, and I hike this last year. It's Mt. Marathon. It is 3,022 feet high and from bottom to top is like 3 miles. It was quite the feat last year, but awsome!

AND THE WHALES! I suggest you click on this to make it bigger to see them better. They were so cool!

Well, that's all for now folks. I"ll put more pictures up tomorrow of Courtland and Dreamie's b-day party and my, Emma and Karen's pit stop on the way up to Anchorage to pick up uncle Ed that we did yesterday. Vary beautiful! I need to get to beddy by though!
Peace, HEIDI
p.s. I now have Millie's cell phone. The number is 801-404-2234. Call me, especially after 9 (Alaska time) because it's free minutes! whoo!


Anonymous said...

That's an amazing bunch of pics you got there! AAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHH! I miss Alaska so much! I miss just being able to go hiking anywhere and being afraid of a bear mauling! J/K I'm not afraid of that!(read that in a SASSY voice!) Everyone looks awesome! You should tell them all that I love them and that they are so BEAUTIFUL! Welp deary... Have a good one! (doughnut I mean! Sheesh!) Love, Anna

Millie said...

wow, indeed!!! Looks like you had a blast! I still as yet have to go on that trip! And I call myself an alaskan, sheesh! Anyway, I'm glad you got my phone, I shall call you on it. And, I'm glad you are making use of my orange jacket. =) I got that from Koko and Patrick, it was the jacket I usually used when skiing in Davos, it's great huh?! You're great, no, YOU'RE great!!! Love ya! And I shall put up a new post, perhaps tomorrow.

Hans and Holly said...

Heidelburg, I'm jealous. What more can I say? Besides you rock and your pictures are very cool and you are so lucky. I can't wait until next summer or the summer after that when we make it back up to Alaska again. That will be forever away...sheesh.

Gwen Lynn said...

OH man Heidi! Totally awesome!Sounds like you are having tons O Fun! btw thanks for calling me back, great talking to you! Oh and you need to be very jealous of me. Um... guess what I got? TWO letters, yup count em, TWO! Have a happy Pioneer Day! (even though you dont celebrate it)

cassie and dan said...

Man...that makes me REALLY REALLy REALLY miss alaska. SO MUCH... its so pretty . and its so fresh and clean , and colorful and beautiful.... i just cant wait to go back and soak it all up. enjoy it for me!!

Awesome song! This was for this semester's Guitars Unplugged!