Friday, July 27, 2007

That's right, we were talking about tiny hats...

Here are just a few pictures of other things that have been happening. Well, some of them don't show what's been happening, but they are just pictures. Hm...

The whole group after the fjords tour, minus Hendy, because she was taking the picture.

Dreamie and Courtland by their cakes at their birthday party. Lisa made the cakes and they were awesome!

So the other night these cute kids decided they were going to put on a dance recital for us. It was amazing! We almost peed our pants a few times because it was so funny! And yes, even Courtland has make-up on!

Here is Courtland doing the Worm to the tune of "At the Beginning" from Anastasia!

And here's Dreamie's version of the Worm!

Emma and Kate's specialty move.

Go Dreamie, Go Dreamie.

Tess' beautiful leap

Mariah, Chrystal and Grandma. Chrystal and her BABY are up here visiting while her husband, Steve, moves their stuff to Virginia for medical school. It's still hard for me to believe that Chrystal has a 1-year old!

Here's my little gangster! She has lived in Manhattan for most of her life!


Anonymous said...

Wow! I really need to get one of their dance instructional videos (foward and back and foward and back and click your heels! lol) I just think that my audiences are getting really tired of my Millie-Vanillie dances! GIRL YOU KNOW IT'S TRUE! OH-OH-OH-HO I love you-hoo! Well, I do! Love, Bananiebutts

cassie and dan said...

aww chrystal and her little babe are up! wish i could see you all! i LOVE the dance pictures, thats great. me and mary and my cousin celeste used to put on plays , and sometimes my cousin jessi wanted to do a beauty contest (that she always won)..haha. looks like good old alaska. boy do i miss that!

Mary said...

wow looks liek fun. and holy crap mariah is cute!

Millie said...

I can totally see Court doing the worm to At the beginning. I almost peed my pants just thinking about that! HA!!! Such fun times in Alaska!!!

Awesome song! This was for this semester's Guitars Unplugged!