Friday, July 6, 2007

An okay 4th of July

Well, this 4th of July wasn't too exciting. Sorry to disappoint Mare, but it wasn't. I did think of you though! We barely made it to the parade before it started because Kierstin, Kammi and I were up talking the night before until like 4 or so, so we woke up a little late, but the parade was fun. We had our t-shirts, I"ll have to take a picture of mine or something. After Kammi came by with the Encore float, Kierstin and I took our little puppy, Bruce, and walked down the parade route to find some relatives. What should have taken us 3 or 4 minutes actually took like 1/2 an hour because everyone had to stop us to pet the puppy. Sheesh! But after the parade we went to the green strip, then to grandma McCubbins where I was entertained by Mike, Jacob, Daniel, Cade and Courtland trying to hunt and look for the black bear that had paid Grams a visit earlier that day. Then we went out to Coho, but I"m sorry to say that I didn't go mudsliding because I was tired, it was raining, and the tides weren't right. I did take pictures of those who did go though. Then we just hung out after eating a rediculous amount of food, then I went with Michelle to the Taylor's and we made dericious cinnamon rolls! Until a really late time again. It was a long day! whew!

This picture is for Matt, because he likes these cars and wants one someday! Anna, make sure to show this to him!

Here's Kammi in the parade handing out flyers!

This is my friend, Cory Janson, and me. I graduated with Cory and have known him for a long time. We used to have Halo parties at his house! woo!

And of course, mudsliding!

So I guess I was really bad on not taking pictures. Or was I really good on not taking pictures? hmm, either way I didn't put my camera to enough use! I'll try to do better!


Anonymous said...

Hello Heidelpuke!
J/K! These are awesome pics! I showed Matthew the sweet car! He remembered that it was in the parade a couple of years back too. Thanks for puttin that in there~! So, I'm sorely disappointed in you for not going mudsliding, but on the other hand... I'm glad you got pics! Actually, I'm not disappointed, cause I probably wouldn't have gone either! Who all went? It looks like there was a pretty good turnout. Ahhh, the good ol' days! Anywho- I guess I'll chat w/ you later, tater (say that like Gollum):) Love you. Love, Anna Bananie Pukey-guts!
PS Matthew and I didn't even go to the parade. I didn't go to bed until 2:30 and he didn't go to bed until 4:30... so I watched a little bit of it on our local TV station. It was GREAT! All these silly cheerleaders (ULCHER? what's an ULCHER? is that some sort of bird?) cruisin' around on their 4 wheelers, almost running into each other. MERCY!!!!!!!!!

the james family said...

Hey Heidi! Looks like you're having a great time in Alaska! It's fun to look at your pictures the things you're doing!

SPENCERS said...


Awesome song! This was for this semester's Guitars Unplugged!