Tuesday, July 3, 2007

Summer happenings

Well, finally some new pictures of my happenings. Actually, some of them are quite old, I just haven't had the time to put them up. I am actually not going to move into that apartment with my friend michelle. It's just too small, so I moved back home. So that's where ya'll should be able to reach me. Actually, I might use Millie's phone while she's over thar in Europe, but I"ll get back to you on that one!

I took this on my way home from working a job at Tesoro one morning. Yes, morning. I worked nights cleaning fin-fans with Uncle Mike, so this was around 5 or so. Beautiful, eh? It's that lake that Lynn and Rosanne live on, except from the highway.

This last Sunday we went down to Homer because it was Kyle Devaney's last Sunday before he goes on his mission. He's going into the MTC on Thursday of this week, to Mexico! So here are the younger cousins.

Me and Kyle!

And here's the Homer spit. It was a lot prettier on our way up to the Devaney's, but this was on the way down, a few hours later, and it had started to rain and get cloudy. mrh!

Oh, and this was from way back when we went clam digging. It's kinda hard to make out, but in the back are Miles and Lynzie, then Michelle in the front. I was taking the picture. It was rather fun and dirty!
Here is my sweet sunburn from a few weeks ago. It's just started to peel! Ouchy!
And tomorrow is the 4th of July. Wahoo! I just hope it gets sunny by tomorrow so it's not freezing when we go mudsliding! I"ll be sure and get pictures of that! Have a good one! And remember what the day is for!
p.s. everyone should check out my cousins Jared and Christine's blog. There's some exciting stuff on there!


Anonymous said...

OOO! That's a sexy arm!
I love that "cousins" picture! What a blast! I can't believe how old everyone is getting! I can't believe that Kyle's old enough for a mish-mish! That's so exciting that he's going to Mexico. All these missionarios... goodness gracious! Well, dearie, I love you and miss you, and can't wait to see you, and talk to you, and say hi to you, and ok... anywho- Love you! Give everyone my love. Love, Bananiebutts

PS we should talk on the telephone sometime!

Hans and Holly said...

I agree that you have a sexy tan. Did you get it diggin for clams?Where can I get one like that. You would think that I would have a better tan here in AZ, but I don't. Nobody here seems to go outside in the summer except for day-laborers and boat owners (no, not canoes). I love looking at your Alaska pictures and hearing your Alaska stories, because it brings back a lot of memories. I hope that we can come visit sometime soon! Keep up the tan.
Love Hans

Mary said...

awww heidi!! i miss you! i miss alaska! what am i doing down here!! another homesick day. GAWSH. well, i love the pics- taht one of the sunrise is amazing. and i thought about you guys mudsliding all day yesterday, on the 4th of july, my favorite holiday. and i missed you some more then. so i told everyone about alaska 4th of july. and how i wish i was there. instead of leading a climbing trip in 100 degree heat. yuck. love you. have fun up there- i am almost done with school! WAHOO!

Gwen Lynn said...

oooh, you naughty girl! Lots of nakedness! Wooo HOOO! Oh man, the pictures of sunsets and what not wants me to come up there so stinking bad! Maybe next summer? Love ya! Um...just to make sure, can I get your number? I want to call you and chat a wee bit. love you bunches!

Awesome song! This was for this semester's Guitars Unplugged!