Tuesday, August 7, 2007

And these are the kids in Switzerland, yodelodelin'

So, the last time I tried to put a post on here, the internet was being stupid and wouldn't let me put a post up. So hopefully this one works. As to the "Folk" post, thank you to all who had some input. And if you still would like to join in the discussion, you may. I enjoyed all of your ideas on the matter. As to the comments:yes Elsa, you do need to get more sleep. You have my nephew to grow. Millie, the line is from Mary Poppins, as said from George Banks. Cassie:The title to my last post was a quote from our Medicenter movie. Have you ever seen it? probably not. It is hilarious! And Alaska is awesome. The last couple days have been super beautiful, which helps in the working outside part of working. we've been getting mucho lotso staining done. And Mary, I didn't put a post potter post because I've been busy working/going to Anchorage and the computer was being stupid the last time I tried to get on here. So that's why. But I was very pleased with the way it all rounded up. it was a great book. I read it all in one day, and I haven't done that with any of the other ones, but this one was different. I'm not going to say anything because you haven't read it and I don't think Elsa has either. So, talk amongst yourselves. Okay, I need to go and get ready (as does Kierstin) for our singles party out at President Ellis's cabin. Hopefully we get to go jet-skiing. I haven't been once this summer. how bad am I? Here is Buzz's latest letter. I think it's totally awesome, and definitely blog worthy. Enjoy!

So here is the news.>On Wednesday of this last week, my companion and myself traversed our way over to the Gospel Mission Apostalic Church. We had been invited previously by the Pastor to attend the Bible Study for that evening. We showed up at 8:00 and the service started with singing, testimonies, and praises. It was groovy. Then the actual study started. From what I could gather, it wasn't so much a study of the Bible as a reading through a booklet on a certain topic with Bishop Knox speaking about it. He made some really good points, I must say. The Trinity is heavily indoctrinated down here in the South. Pretty much the only people who do not believe in the Trinity as it is defined yin they Nicean and Apostalic Creeds are the Mormons and Jehovah Witnesses.>But, continuing with the story. After about an hour and a half (when we were supposed to be in our apartment) Bishop Knox gave us a few minutes to sayy who wye were and what it was that we were doing. After the Bible Study was concluded, the Bishop invited us back into his office where we chatted for a couple minutes. We inquired of him if we could share our beliefs with him and his congregation. He stated that that would be a good idea and he welcomed us to come back for the next Tuesday, which is tomorrow. The setting would be that he would give the two of us about 20 minutes to share what it was that we believed and why. Then he would let two of his congregation share their beliefs and why. He said that it would definately NOT be a debate, and that was good to hear, because debating is for presidential candidates, not for God. So, needless to say, I am way super excited for tomorrow evening. And actually, about an hour before we teach in the church, we will be teaching another pastor and a few of his friends (who all go to the same church). They have really good questions. Some that, when we taught them the first lesson, I was unable to answer. Not so much doctrinal questions as much as historical questions. But I found out the answers and we will let them know what they are when we see them tomorrow. Elder Konesky will be transferred tomorrow, and I will stay here. Elder Hunt will be my new companion. He and Konesky came out in the same transfer. Man, tomorrow is going to be busy! I am super duper excited!>Did you know that the Church is true? It is! In all of the ways it is true! And we will be declaring that to this congregation on Tuesday. Oh, man this is going to be awesome! The Wilford Woodruff experience for sure! I'm just going to prepare as much as I can (and I have been for the last week) and trust in the Lord that He will give me in the moment that I need it what I need to say. I have learned from experience that the Spirit cannot draw off an empty well. And an empty well wets no whistle.>So these next couple of weeks are going to be stellar! We have quite a few people who are coming to church and will be entering the covenant of baptism in the near future. The dates are set and we are helping them to reach those goals. I've discovered that missions are extremely hard work. For some reason, before my mission, I thought that the people would just automatically be there to teach, and all I had to do was teach. There is so much more effort involved. Praying for all of my investigators alone is a struggle and I really do wrestle with God. But at the same time, there has never been anything more rewarding than serving my Heavenly Father so diligently. Now I know what the gospel is all about and I share it with everybody every day! It is stupendous! But it must needs be that I am carried away in the spirit to a far away land (Wal-Mart) to do some food shopping! I love you all and hope all is well! Wish me luck!>Elder Buzz
p.s. This letter was a follow up from a previous e-mail about some other missionaries teaching another congregation and how the missionaries in his mission are challenged to ask a pastor (if the meet one) if they can teach his or her congregation. pretty sweet, eh?
p.p.s. happy birthday and 3rd anniversary yesterday to Kammi, and then Anna and matt. And happy birthday to me and my uncle Randy tomorrow. And watch out world, Kammi got her license today. agh!

-Hector P. Valente
Star of Stage and Screen (movie)


Mary said...

OHHH SNAP! today is your birthday and i am the first to comment!! HOOT YEAH!!happy 22 heidi!!! i wish i was there to throw a par-tay!!! l-o-v-e you

Anonymous said...

HEY-AYAy-Ayaaaaaaaaaaaaa!! HEY-Ay-Ay-YAAAAAAAA-AHHHHHH! You think you got it.. oh you think you got it, but got it just don't get it till there's nothin' at all.... :) ok. I just wanted to say, HAPPY BIRTHDAY< HEY-HEY-HEY!
LOVE YOU! Love, Anna

Linz said...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY(S) and CONGRATS to Anna and Matt on their 3rd Anniversary!

cassie and dan said...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY! i cant wait to see what happens in harry potter. thats a way cool letter from buzz! what a good little missionary!! where exactly is he again? anna and matt havent been married much longer than me, our 3rd ann. was in april. thats cool!

SPENCERS said...

I HAVE read Harry Potter and I LOVED it! And sorry I never called back on your b-day. I still wish you a good one. But I picked up Billie and Simon and then we drove (through unfamiliar territory, getting lost one time)back home and have been running ever since. I'll call you today! loves,

Gwen Lynn said...

Wooot Wooot! Awesome letter from the mish mish! He is definitely growing! How was the rest of your birthday? I totally love you! And will get your birthday stuff in the mail asap! loves!

Awesome song! This was for this semester's Guitars Unplugged!