Wednesday, August 15, 2007

I say phineus, great day for doing squats and lifting large triangular weights...

okay, so this is really making me mad, but my pictures aren't uploading, so I'm going to have to go upload them somewhere else. gosh, technology. I'm working on the birthday pictures though, mare. well, I"m off to anchorage with kiersty to pick up Estelle. I think we might dress up and see how long it takes her to recognize us!! tee hee. I'll take pictures of it!

p.s. Buzz's teaching of that one church is still going awesomely well. Here's his letter. Just so you know, it's long!

Okay, so on saturday we received transfer calls. Elder Konesky got ousted toSumter, biking area. Elder Hunt got welcomed to Charleston. His first dayhere, we had several appointments set. At seven o'clock we went to a pastor'shouse. We had taught this particular pastor the week prior and he and hisbuddies all were taught at once. This time, it was jsut him and one otherfriend. We taught them the plan of salvation and they said that they believedmost of it already, but they can't understand why Joseph Smith or why the Bookof Mormon. We didn't have time to answer all of their questions because we hadanother appointment, so we will see them again tomorrow. It is amazing to seeand feel the Divine help we receive from the Lord as we teach people. Sometimespeople ask questions that I have been looking for the answer to for quite sometime, and as I answer their question, answers are revealed to me and all of asudden, things click and simply make sense! Not only was their questionanswered, but mine was as well. I like that a lot! Our next appointment was atthe Gospel Mission Apostalic Church. The meeting started off in a similarfashion as last week. Singing, praises, testimonies, music, and hallelujahs. We were invited back into Bishop Knox's office before the evening really began. In there were two ladies. One I had met previously and the other, I believe,was brought in for this specific occasion. We were introduced to each otherand, although I was not intending to "battle it out", I couldn't help but getthe feeling that Bishop Knox was giving the rules of play like the referee doesbefore two boxers go at it in the ring. Our time was going to be extremelylimited and the purpose of the evening was to be educational on both sides. People are definately more comfortable and confident on their own turf. He saidthat the first lady was to speak for five minutes on the Apostalic belief, thenthe time would be turned over to one of us to share our beliefs for fiveminutes. Then the other lady, then Elder Hunt. Then it would be over. Although I was hoping to have more time to share our message, I was grateful forthe time that we were allowed to speak. It is interesting to see how the pureand simple doctrines of Jesus Christ have been ever so lightly turned andtwisted over the centuries into what we have today. Many good points were made,but as Bruce R. McKonkie states, there is a fine razor's edge between truth andnear truth. I know the Holy Spirit was there to testify of what we boldlydeclared before that congregation. Immediately as we spoke, a tremendous calmfilled the room and I know that the spirit carried unto the hearts and minds ofthe people we spoke to the truth of our message. I spoke on the restoration ofthe Gospel of Jesus Christ through the prophet Joseph Smith, and on the firstprinciples and ordinances of the Gospel. Elder Hunt spoke on gaining a sureknowlege of the things we share by reading and praying about the Book of Mormon. Elder Hunt also closed with giving one of the strongest testimonies of theSavior Jesus Christ that I have ever heard in person. I was blown away! Truly,our message is the greatest anyone could hear. Sure ten minutes total is notnearly enough time to learn all that we believe, nor is ten years enough, butwith the time we were given, we did all we could. Our whole zone was prayingfor us and we had fasted and prayed oursleves to have the strength, clarity ofmind, an most of all the spirit to be with us. After the meeting, wedistributed many copies of the Book of Mormon to the congregation and gave themthe promise of knowing our message was true by the reading, pondering, andpraying about that book. We got several referrals to visit the homes andfamilies of some of the congregation. We will follow-up at the church buildingto see what else has come of our teaching there. It will be stupendous! We arestill going to be continuously on the lookout for more opportunities to teachcongregations. There are plenty of ministers out there that we talk to everyday, and the opportunities are there. For the other days in this week, we havehad a trial of our faith. It was over 100 degrees outside for three days in arow with a heat index of 120 with the humidity. From the moment we steppedoutside, sweat simply poured from my face, arms, hands, legs, back, feetwhatever. I probably lost 20 pounds in sweat! Needless to say, today I will bewashing all of my shirts and pants. But anyway, I am loving the mission and Iam loving serving the Lord. It is fantastic, let me tell you! Simplygrandioso. Sorry you haven't gotten pictures in a while, my camera is brokeded,and it is still in Greenwood, across the state. I need to send in to the fixfactory. Anyway. Baptisms are comin' up and we are super-stoked to be takingpart in everything! but nevertheless, I know as to my strength, I am nothing,but it is God who worketh all in all. I love you all and wish you felizcompleanos. Or something. Happy Birthday Kammi, Heidi, and Mom. Sorry I havemissed everything (birthdays) this last year. I've been swamped with missionarywork and stuff. I hope you'll forgive me. Just know that I do love you. Everyone.
Hearts and Hugs,Elder Buzz
PS. The salmon patty didn't make it through the vortex. It'll have to have onemore go-around.


Mary said...

HOORAY FOR BUZZ!! that letter was awesome! what a good kid. tell him i said hi and good job and i am proud of him bravely testifying in front of a whole congregationa!

Millie said...

I'm a big fan of your post titles! You won, it was indeed from Mary Poppins. I just watched that this last week in Austria. Funny. I haven't seen that for years and years.
I'm excited to see the pictures of your dress-up pick-up. tee hee.
Wait a second, I thought they were getting married on the 20th?! Or is that next month? What's going on there? Hmm. Maybe I'm all confused.
baffeldly yours,

Millie said...

New post, new post, new post!!!

Awesome song! This was for this semester's Guitars Unplugged!