Tuesday, August 28, 2007


hey, just a quick post. I've been super busy, thus the lack of posts lately. I'm here for about another week, then I"m driving down the alcan with Kierstin and I think Kammi. It should be super fun. I'm just enjoying the last days of summer here in Alaska. I should take a picture of my outfit right now. Woo hoo! I did, but I don't want to put it on. Okay, gotta go. All is well, all is well!
p.s. according to my nephew, Jacob, his newest little brother is going to be named Dizzy. Just so you know!


Anonymous said...

YEAH! THIS POST IS KINDA BORING! WE WANNA SEE PICTURES! HEY! WE WANNA SEE PICTURES! HEY! J/K! Anywho- guess what phrase I used the other day when I was doing Gwen's hair... nope, I used the phrase: "Let's turn this mother out and rock the house! DOPE!" It was sssoooo KNOCKED OUT! shshshshsh(that's a new laugh) OK. Matthew and I are gonna go hit some golf balls around! It's gonna be suhweet!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Love, Anna

Mary said...

agree with anna- i want pictures. but i like the dizzy name. well okay hot really. hey- do you think anna will be in slc this weekend?

Jeff and Alison said...

Okay, Heidi-

You kinda freaked me out there for a minute. I had to RE-read MY NEPHEW, not my cousin, Jacob, with your PS. So, where are you guys going? Down to the lower 48? You should be impressed: I put your blog on my blog--yes, go check it out for yourself :) Talk to you later.


Gwen Lynn said...

Hey Hides!
So you should probably put some pictures on. What is this? Me being better at updating my blog than you? OH and you should probably call me back. I have to tell you what calling I got. Its amazing! loves!

SPENCERS said...

For the record: Jacob's brother is not going to be named "Dizzy." His friend, Porter, is getting a new little brother in October who may be named, 'Desmond' (Desi for short), but it's not a name we're considering. Jacob has also suggested "Bucket-head" and "Sean" for baby names--both good options, but probably also not our picks.

Mary said...

i like bucket head. reminds me of crap bag or princess consuela banana hammock.

Awesome song! This was for this semester's Guitars Unplugged!