Tuesday, September 18, 2007

hopefully pictures!

So this picture was from a while ago. We went up and stayed at the perkins's to go to the fair, and we had a photo shoot while brushing our teeth. Me, Michelle and Adam DeMello!

And here are Kierstin and Kammi in Tok. We had a brief stop here to get some gas and try to find a decent map through Canada.

Kierstin and Kammi in two different countries. I think, technically, I'm right on the line, so am I in neutral territory or in two different countries myself? Think about that!

Kierstin and Kammi hitchhiking into Canada. There were no takers.

Just a very pretty view in, I believe, British Columbia.

Well, I need to get up to my Russian class. Just wanted to put a few pics on for a change. Woah, I might be late. Peace! More to come later today!


Gwen Lynn said...

Yay! Pictures finally!

Gwen Lynn said...

Um... yeah so I didnt realize you meant start talking at midnight. I thought you meant talk till midnight. Either way I was asleep.

Mary said...

heidi!! love the pics! its sp pretty there! reminds me of our road trip! have fun in russian, crazy kid...

Anonymous said...

HEIDS! Those pictures rock! And I reflected upon what you said about the neutral territory thing... and I came to the conclusion that you're neither here nor there, but that you are in fact in the nonexistent realm of elongated time, of the universe, of perforated schematics! That's all that can be said of that! mrh!
Anywho- I can't wait to see you today! LOVE YOU! Love, Bananiebutts

Awesome song! This was for this semester's Guitars Unplugged!