Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Party Weekend!

Well, here are a few more pictures from our trip. And we also went down to Salt Lake for some partying and wedding stuff for Kamilla and Jake. I would put up pictures, but now the computer is not recognizing my camera, or something lame like that. It was very fun though. We went down on Thursday night, stayed at Andy and Staci's, then did wedding stuff on Friday, Kierstin Kammi and I went up to Temple Square on Saturday. That was cool because we went into the tabernacle for a little looksie and started singing, then this sister missionary from Scotland came up and told us we were really good and asked us if we were practicing for something, then told us to keep singing. So we did. We were in there for probably a half hour or so. It was sweet. Really good acoustics are in there. It was kind of like singing in a cathedral in Europe again, except not as cold! But we also went and got a tour of the conference center, then went and watched the Joseph Smith movie. SO GOOD! Again. Then we just went back to Andy and Staci's and watched Selena. Such a good movie! Sunday we went to a ward right around Andy's house, then went over to Curt and Becky's for a September Birthdays party. We celebrated Ed's, Aaron's, Becky's, Eli's, Drew's, and Paige's birthdays. They each got a cupcake with a candle on it for blowing out. And they guys along with Kierstin and Emma played flag football for about 2 hours. It was very entertaining. then we said goodbye to Millie's car. (Millie, it's at Ginnie and Jim's and Kamilla said she can pick you up on the 16th at 5:30. You'll probably just have to remind her.) Then headed back up to Rexburg with Krista and Bobby. All in all it was a great, fun and enjoyable weekend. HOpefully I'll be able to get pictures on here from it soon!

Kierstin and the buffalo.

Kammi feeding a piece of bread to the buffalo.

Kierstin, Anna, Staci, Drew, kammi and brighton at Andy and Aaron's softball game.

And celebrating Anna's 24th birthday. It was fun!
I'll really try to get more pictures on here on a more regular basis. It is a competition after all on who updates the most regularly and puts the most pictures up. Apparently I haven't been winning lately. (gwen)


Mary said...

hooray for posting!!! and it was SO good to see anna's face! i miss her! and you to...

Millie said...

SOOO fun! I'm quite jealous of all of your adventures, but I guess I'm having some of my own. =) I'm excited to see the pics of Kam and Jake's wedding! Where did they go for the hunny-mewn? That is so great of her to offer to pick me up!! Will you send me her #, I don't have it written down. I should be putting some more pics up of Vienna, probably tomorrow, maybe, depending on how much time I have. I've been working like a maniac...12-14hrs!!! Anyway, gotta jet. Love ya!

Gwen Lynn said...

Its a race!.... And Im winning!

Awesome song! This was for this semester's Guitars Unplugged!