Monday, October 1, 2007


Okay, I've tried from multiple computers to get a picture back on my main profile so that when I leave a comment it leaves a picture. It's not working. Or maybe I'm doing it wrong. Will someone who has this option figured out please give me pointers on how to do it? And does anyone know how to make your own like template for a blog? I had a friend ask! Well, school's well as could be I think. I still hate my math class, and I have a test due by Wednesday, so that makes me hate it even more. Russian is such a fun class and language to learn. Sometimes I think about going on a study abroad for a summer semester two summers from now. WOuldn't that be sa-weet? And Book of Mormon is good. I'm getting a good refresher on stuff, and also learning as well. And then Social Problems is still way cool. Except I have a test in there starting on Wednesday. And I think I have to pass of some stuff in Russian, like a test. Sheesh, 3 tests this week! Dang Gina! Okay, gotta go now.


Mary said...

hang in there heidi!! you will make it. school is cool. miss you

Gwen Lynn said...

Heidi! Thanks for talking to me everyday! Its helping me out bunches!!!

Anonymous said...

I am Snape, the Parishioners priest! lol! NEW POST! NEW POST!
LOVE, you know who! I'm Robert Christianson!

lindsey said...

Hey Heidi! The easiest and fastest way to get the new background is to go to

on the right hand side there is a label called LAYOUTS click on each one of those to see if you like any of those. It will explain step by step how to do it. It's pretty much cut and paste. If you don't like any of those, then email me back. The other process is a lot more complicated and confusing!

We'll have to talk soon. Weekends are best. I don't know how, but both John and I went over our minutes and were charge 125!

Millie said...

Yeah for school and tests! A study abroad would be cool. Do it. I've heard good things about Russia. =)
So, get that blog problem fixed so I can see some pictures. How was conference? Do your and Kiersty have time off. I'm going to go down to visit Hans and Holly and cute, cute, cute, Kelsie. I'm going to see if Bananie wants to come too.

Awesome song! This was for this semester's Guitars Unplugged!