Friday, October 12, 2007

old pics.

Here are a few pictures that happened to be able to get uploaded. yay!

So last week we splurged and hit up the new Applebee's for happy hour. Just buy a drink and the appetizers are half off! Woot! From left, clockwise: Me, Kierstin, Becca, Nena (room roomie) Mindy (next door neighbor) and Kirsten (yes, like Keirstin, next door neighbor and Nena's cousin) It was tres fun!

This is Jordan, the guy we got a ride down to conference with. He's from Firth! (tiny town about 45 min. south of here) and his parents grew up in Palmer. Woah!

Becca really wanted some Krispy Kremes, so we got some. And these cool hats.

Okay, so none of us have ever experienced the Idaho Spud Harvest, and Jordan's brother runs a potato farm in Firth, so we stopped and went to a cellar. Never have I seen so many potatoes in my life. The cellar was probably like 40 yards long, just full, and piled at least 20 feet high! Here we tried to climb up them and pose. It was really dark in there, but the little light by Kierstin shows the outline of the top of the pile. It was crazy! They will have about 250,000 bags from one cellar, but most of the potatoes just go to a McDonald's somewhere for fries. It was amazing! Jordan and his brother were quite bored with the potatoes, but probably entertained by our enthusiasm!
Well, another week has gone by and now it's the weekend. YAYAYAYAYAYAYA! Kierstin and I and whoever else wants to go might go to the dollar theater and watch Hairspray. That should be fun. And I might help Mary and a few other friends tomorrow with their own marathon. I get to help with the aid stations. We'll see how that goes!
allrighty, that's all for now!
p.s. I got a letter and an e-mail from Buzz last week and he sounds like he's doing just fine and dandy!


Sadie & Corey said...

Hey Dude! Sorry I am slacking! My number is 801-656-8071

Anonymous said...

Let me guess... The the appetizers were HALF off, and after the drinks, your CLOTHES were ALL off and you were "singin' to Nelson," weren't you, "BABY!" lololololol! J/K I just had to say that! Anywho- you should come and visit me. You know, take a quick trip on your private jet, get a bunch of your homies, and we can have a Partay. That'd be suh-weet!!!!! Well, I'm just ramblin' on and on, and on. You should call me, since you have free minutos on el weekend. LOVE
ANNA banana

Gwen Lynn said...

Heidi Im talking to you right now!

DKSBrayton said...

Heidi, my dad is from Firth! Pretty cool spuddy place. hehe. Love, Krystal

Jared & Christine said...

I'm glad to see that you're having fun! We are so stoked for Thanksgiving! Woohoo!

Mary said...

hey heidi!! SO lame we missed you this weekend- but our sunday feast and apple pickin was pretty sweet! good to see you!

Awesome song! This was for this semester's Guitars Unplugged!