Friday, October 19, 2007

Ho ho ho and a bottle of.....rum?

Our FHE group having some fun FHE times. The first one was this week. We had a potluck, then made cookies, then watched The Best of Chris Farley. The second picture is from last week up at Heise hot springs. next week we're doing roller skating at the MC, then the week after we're carving pumpkins. Cool, huh? Fun times!

Uh, the picture on the left is my flag football team. Estelle (Scott's wife) is next to me in the white and blue shirt. We are currently undefeated and have our next game next Tuesday. It's tournament time. whew! The right picture is from our Alaska party we had last night. These were just some of the peeps who showed up. It was a fairly good turnout.

This is my beautiful Alaska cake that I made, that apparently tastes REALLY good. And yes, I did the blue free-hand, thank you very much! I got a tip from Gina Ellis, which she got from Hans' favorite cake maker, to put some pudding in it. So I did, and it is super moist. Even though I put two cake mixes in this pan and it cooked for about 2 hours. It is still dericious. And then there is the Thomas family. Mark was an intern at the Med-ee-center this last year, and Millie just toured around Europe with Becca's sister. Then their kids are Zina (pronounced Z (eye) na) and Wilson. SOOOO CUTE!

And here are some girls from our home...uh...stake. Me, Juanita Millyard, Kaylene Forbes, Kierstin, Whitney and Angela Doty, and Becca. Kierstin was giving Zina a ride around on her foot.
These pictures (woah big) were from last weekend after the Guitars Unplugged concert. I hope I didn't already post them on here....oh well. me, Angela, Becca, Whitney and Kierstin. It was really hot in there/we were dancin' fools, thus my red face. Kierstin and I even went into the middle of a circle once and people recognized us later. We're basically famous!
Uh, this was a pose to a latin song, or something.
So we all piled into our neighbor's car and had a photo shoot on the way to Applebee's. I don't think that back seat was made for 5 people, but we made it work. This was our "serious" pose, thus the black and white...!
Kierstin, Angie and me having drinks at Applebee's. It was rather lame that that's all we got because they were out of nacho cheese and that's mainly what people wanted. And they call themselves a real restaurant. Pah!

Me, Becca and Kierstin before the Guitars Unplugged concert. It was okay, but not as good as the concert last winter. My friend, Coltan, is going to try to hook me up with being a volunteer of some sort for the next one we have. I think it will be fun! here's my photo update. i hope you all enjoy...!
oh yeah, and Millie might come up and visit us. hopefully she will....(hint, hint)


Mark & Becca (but mostly just Becca) said...

yay, great post heidi! I love all the pictures and we had a great time at the AK party. Thanks for remembering us. :) Oh, and we think Millie should come and visit Rexburg too...

Gwen Lynn said...

Man Hides! You have WAY!!! To much fun! It was good to have lots o' pics though! Im gonna miss talking to you every night between the job and phone thing! Loves! You are the best!

Mary said...

heidi- glad you are taking advantage of crazy college life!! looks so fuN! i remember being there once! hehe back in MY college days....
well, have fun kid- hopefully i will get up there soon! lov eyou

Sadie & Corey said...

You party girl you! Well I am tagging you and dont ask where this crazy thing started! The rules are on my latest post! Peace!

Awesome song! This was for this semester's Guitars Unplugged!