Monday, December 17, 2007

Amazing news from Elder Buzz!

Hey, Everybody!
This is your captain speaking.So this last week was amazing! Let me tell you a little bit about it.I transferred to here on Tuesday, and that was an adventure in itself. Something about our ride to where I am now was one of those guys who just wants money from the church, and he wanted us to pay for like $80 for gas to get us there, but he also wanted us to drive 20 miles in our mission car to go pick him up, take him to a gas station, get some gas, take him back to his place, so he could put the gas into his Cadillac Escalade... does something seem amiss here??? So we found new rides to our new areas and all was well.But I got here nonetheless, and I began my week with Elder Kade Hall from Ogden, UT. He is an awesome whippersnapper. We are a super team, and I very much look forward to the rest of this transfer. No one could ask for a better companion. He actually talks during lessons! Awesome! Anyway.The Lord blessed us like crazy this last week. Even though I was still learning my way around Simpsonville (my new area, bigger than greenwood, smaller than Charleston, just as awesome if not more) the Lord led us to find many new wonderful families, and we got to progress the investigators we already had here. Our Father in Heaven directed us to 29 souls who are craving the Gospel!We normally find somewhere between 10 and 18 new investigators a week, few of whom are very solid investigators. But this week, most of the investigators we found are so good! For example, we got a media referral a couple weeks ago for this area for the Wright family, and we had been having a difficult time to arrange a time to meet this person. But one day, we called the father and were able to set up an appointment for that evening. One of the sons in the family, Conner (13), saw the commercial on TV and told his mother about it. He was like, "Mom, mom! I just saw the coolest thing on TV, people are giving stuff about Jesus away!" He called up the number and we went out to teach the family. We later learned that that evening was the first time in three months that the whole family had been together! And they gave their evening to us! We went to their address, and low and behold! the Biggest mansion I have ever seen my entire mission! This place was huge and immaculate! In the first part of my mission, I would have been slightly timid to knock on such a home, but not now. The mother, Melanie, answered the door and was one of the friendliest people I've ever met my entire mission. We met the father, William, as well. Then we were introduced to their 13 and 9 year-old sons. A friend of theirs was there, so we taught him too. Then, during the lesson, their oldest son and his girlfriend showed up. Then their neighbor came to the door, then sat in on the lesson. During the first lesson, the Spirit was present in a way that I have felt few times before. It is always strong, but this time was different. More keen. Very easily discernable. And they recognized it. When we asked them how they felt, their responses were "Grace", "Peace", and "Comfort". It was amazing. I know we were helped beyond our own teaching capacities, and they felt the truth of our message.Later that week, we stopped by their house to invite them to church again. There was an army of cars! They were throwing a business party, and we didn't know about it! There were tons of people there. Again, just like before, Melanie invited us right in and stared introducing us to everybody. We got to offer the gospel to even more people. They were impressed with what we were doing. I actually met someone who said he knew someone from Alaska that was a member of our shurch and went skiing with him all the time somewhere. He said it was one of the Ala boys. I think he was talking about ones that live on Strawberry road. I mentioned that we knew the Ala family, and that my sister went skiing sometimes. He said that he might have gone skiing with Millie once upon a time. I showed him a picture, and he said he thinks it was Millie. Wild, huh?Then they gave us some food and we continued with our evening.The mother works in a salon, too, so now we are going to get free haircuts.Anyway, I think that was descriptive enough.I just hope all of you are having a splendid Christmas full of laughter, love, and giving. I'll be calling at 9 o'clock your time, 1 o'clock my time. How does that sound?Love,Elder Buzz


Mary said...

wow that is amazing!!!! i guess it really is true, eh? i love missionaries

cassie and dan said...

i love the music and background! how did you get it? i tried to get a background from this website, but i couldn't figure out where to copy and paste the code. i love josh grobans voice.

cassie and dan said...

wow what an amazing mission. that letter brought tears to my eyes, its like WOW. that is so amazing. im so happy for him. im so happy about what he's doing. people will never be the same because of Buzz (haha i almost wrote buss, but i corrected myself.) hats off to buzz!~ haaha i wrote buss again. for some reason my hands think he's buss.

Gwen Lynn said...

Merry Christmas Hides! How was talking with buzzy? :P

Awesome song! This was for this semester's Guitars Unplugged!