Saturday, December 8, 2007

So, how do you like my new layout?

Well, I finally found a site that was easy to understand and put cool backgrounds on my blog. Except, when I did it it re-did all my stuff, so I had to re-insert like all the links and what not. some of them are messed up. Silly me! But it's pretty, eh? And sorry the other posts are hard to read because of the font colors. Oh well! As to Krystal's question, I'm hopping a jet to Alaska for Christmas. It'll be cool, I hope! And, let's see, just getting ready for my last week of the semester. I did massive amounts of homework today, so I got all of my stuff for Monday done, except my Russian because it's slightly confusing. uh, yeah, that's all for now.
And saints and angels sing!


Anonymous said...

So I'm so bummed that I didn't get to go see you! It's probably a good thing that I didn't drive out there, and by myself no less! We go slammed w/ snow, and Matthew and I have had to struggle just getting the car out of the driveway every morning! (you know, shoveling, rocking the car back and forth, and shoveling some more!) But I'm so grateful for the snow! I prayed that we'd have it for Christmas. And boy have we gotten it! I bet we've gotten over a foot total! IT'S FANTASTIC!!!! Welp, Love you! Love, Bananiebutts Doody-pants lol
ps AAAAAANNNDDDD Saints, and Sai-ai-aints and Angels Sing!

Gwen Lynn said...

I love your new layout! Except for the fact that you hate me! :( You forgotted me! Make sure to have loads of fun in AK! I may be calling ya from the V-town but we will see how the service goes. Love ya, Miss ya

Mary said...

looks good heid! you are trixy on this blog, eh? hace a merry christmas in alaska without me :(

Awesome song! This was for this semester's Guitars Unplugged!