Thursday, December 6, 2007


hey, just so you know I leave from this place a week from tomorrow, or to most people, a week from today. Friday. The 14th. To fly on a plane. I love flying on planes! I have spent many a day doing that. I think a memorable time flying was my first time going over to Europe. Not the flight from Seattle to Houston. No sirree bob. Anna will remember that one and all the pain I went through. No, the flight from Houston to Paris would be the one I"m talking about. On Continental Airlines. Oh boy was that the royal treatment! I loved it. And the food was good. For all those people who say airline food is nasty, they are for the most part correct, but must not have floan internationally before. Too bad for you! And I'm glad I have my Zune to watch movies cause I get really bored when I fly by myself. HOpefully I'll be really tired and sleep a lot on it. I'll probably be up really late the night before cleaning my apartment and packing. and studying for my math final. BUT, I'm almost completely done with my math take home test. It was given to us on Friday of last week and it's due Monday. it's only 15 problems, but our teacher says the average person spends 10 hours on it. I've only spent about 5-6, so I think I'm above average! Cool, huh? Welp, I'm rambling on about nothing it seems, so i'll scoot, boot and boogy like there's no tomorrow!


DKSBrayton said...

So, where ya' hopping that plane to?

SPENCERS said...


Awesome song! This was for this semester's Guitars Unplugged!