Tuesday, December 4, 2007

Okay, okay. you can all cheer for me! Becca and I got to go play in a dodgeball tournament last Saturday. We were asked to play like 20 minutes before getting there. Anyways, we played a bunch of little games to get a seeding, and weren't very good since 8/9 of the team wasn't there for the first game. But we went on to win all three games in the actual tournament, and we were champions, so we got champion t-shirts. (they're a prized posession here!) the girl next to me, Noel, was on my flag football team. We were on the line together and were sad when we didn't get shirts for that, so when we got them for dodgeball, we were super duper excited. It was awesome! Oh, and some of you might recognize Mark Thomas, the intern at the Medicenter. he was the one who called us to go play, so thanks Mark! Go FIREBALLS! (that was our team name!)

So, there was a really pretty sunset last week and I thought "I should go take pictures of it by the temple." So I did. It was prettier like 4 minutes before this, with pink and purple and red, but the sun sets fast here. You can sort of see the temple on the right. Maybe I'll keep my job and not be a photographer....!
So, just a quick post for that. Buzz is doing really really well on the mish. got a short e-mail from him on Monday. He's excited to be an uncle again! And if it means anything to anyone, the main thing he wants for Christmas is letters. Well, he specified from family, but I'm sure he'd love one from anyone. if you want his address again, here it is:
Elder Aarick Anders Carlson
South Carolina Columbia Mission

1345 Garner Lane, Suite 307
Columbia, S.C. 29210-8362
if you have a minute, write him! And I think he can get e-mails from people, he just can't write back if you're not immediate family! His e-mail is:
he'll love that!
Okay, gotta skitter and maybe work on my math take home test some more, but probably not!


Mary said...

hey heidi!!! glad to see the news about the dodgeball win and the new neph!!
i too played hard all through college to earn one, only finally snatching one in ultimate frisbee my last semester. i guess there IS a god!
miss you love you

Mary said...

a shirt by the way, not a nephew...

Awesome song! This was for this semester's Guitars Unplugged!