Thursday, January 31, 2008

This is a picture/word find done by my 4 1/2 year old nephew, Jacob, that he drew for me and Kierstin. I think it's amazing and love it dearly! Elsa, our other letter still hasn't come in the mail, gawldarnet. But yeah, it's pretty much amazing, and so crazy to think that Jacob can write words and that he will be going into Kindergarten this year. Woah! So here you go. Oh and Anna, I did work out yesterday in my class. now I am super sore because I have to do 60% of my one rep max (1 rm) and for some of them, I am really strong so I have to lift alot. Whew! But I'm not working out today because with how much I'm doing it's good to rest a day then go back on Friday. But I will do my crunches today because my teacher said if I do around 200+ every day I'll see some improvement in the abdominal region in 3-4 weeks. woot woot! peace!


Anonymous said...

Awesome! I didn't work out today or yesterday cause of this nasty bug that I have. I'm going to tomorrow morning, sick or NOT! Actually, I'm already feeling a decent amount better! And guess what... I've already lost 7 poundos! I'm so decided! That's from only 14 workouts! YEAH! And I'm eating pretty well!
Well, I'm gonna scoot. LOVE YOU
Love, Bananiebutts

SPENCERS said...

Yay, glad you got that picture! I don't know what happened to the other letter. We'll have to send another one. Did you work out today? (A-wicka-wicka-what-what!)Anna told me you've joined our super-secret-everyone-can-join-lose-twenty-pounds-club! How exciting! I missed today's workout, but I am going tomorrow with Blair (I'm a so-vi-voh, I'ngoin' keep on so-vi-vin...) Keep it up, yo!

cassie and dan said...

hey heidi! its been a while, hows it going? any trips down here planned?

camandholls said...

Hi, u don't actually know me, but my sister is Mindy Gneiting. I was just blog surfing and saw your girls night pics. I recognized Mindy's sweatshirt, but I had to take a closer look to tell if it was her under all that yogurt.

It looks like you girls are having a lot of fun. You and Mindy should plan a trip to Philly together.

Gwen Lynn said...

AWWW! SUPER CUTE! I betcha just loved getting that in the mail, huh? Miss ya. Hopefully I will come see you before the end of the month! yay! EXCITING!

Awesome song! This was for this semester's Guitars Unplugged!