Monday, February 4, 2008

My thoughts...

So, I've decided that I don't exactly enjoy being on campus the ENTIRE day, seeing as how it's about 6:45 in the P.M. and I'm not done, but it is good to know that I could have gone home like over 2 hours ago, but forced myself to stay here and get some stuff done. Way to go me today. But I do know that tomorrow is going to be worse...class until 4:45, RAD from 5-7, Guitars Unplugged meeting at 7 until whenever. sheesh, I'm kinda busy. And 15 credits, which isn't THAT much, but it is to me. dang Gina!
Also, to Holly, Mindy (William's) sister over thar in Philthadelphia. We are planning on coming to visit you and Elsa sometime. For reals. So you better have something sweet planned for us. I have never been over that way, so I'm open to seeing anything and everything. Just so you know, wherever we are it's pretty much a party, so head's up. Elsa, you too. Maybe you guys should get together and think something up!
Next, I've decided that those folk who are in the super-secret-everyone-can-join-to-lose-twenty-pounds-club should help encourage and promote each other's work (outs) and like say if you worked out a day and what you did and your status. That way it's more of a competition, which I think will make everyone else work harder. I, for example, did a nice little warm-up, then pumped some major iron for 45 minutes, then ran a mile. I won't pump iron every day, but hpefully I'll get better at doing some cardio and what not every day. What about you all? Anna, Elsa, Millie, Gwen? Let's see what you got. Now my problem is my food intake. I have to work on that. Man my legs hurt!
okay, well I think I need to go now. I"m kind of getting hunger pains and I think we have FHE soon. Psh!
bye bye
P.S. Buzz sent another e-mail and it was good. He is good and says hello to everyone, even people he doesn't know! ha!


Anonymous said...

Well, I didn't work out today, STILL SICK! But I'm gonna work out in the morning. I'll do about 40 mins of cardio, then I'll probably do a 20 min ab workout. I love this! It's very encouraging knowing that I have other people who are as serious as I am about this "super-secret-everyone-can-join-lose-
twenty-pounds-club"! It ROCKS! HAHA
Well, keep up the awesome work!
Oh, and for breakfast I usually eat oatmeal, and I sweeten it w/ raisins. It's pretty good! I LOVE RAISINS!
Well, Love you!
Love, Anna

Gwen Lynn said...

Well... I actually havent worked out for a wee bit. I didnt know I was actually in this competition but I am super psyched to join! It'll be tough to find time but I will do it. I WILL! lvoes! (thats loves in case you didnt know)

Eri said...

Here is our Heidi Shout Out! We miss you!
The Guymons

Sadie & Corey said...

Hey Lady! I wish I could join the club but I think the doctor would look down on such thigns. ALthough he does want me to be more active so I guess that counts?? I totoally understand about Bella. She way got on my nerves in the third book. In fact I called her a stupid cow and had to put the book down. Luckely I was the only one home. My number is 801-656-7081. You will have to let me know when you are in town because I also need to get my but up to see Mary so having you both up north will give me good reason to leave my tiny town. Take Care!

SPENCERS said...

Ran 2 miles, worked out on the machines for 30 minutes, ate some brownies...woops, I mean ate a salad for dinner. Must sleep now.

Awesome song! This was for this semester's Guitars Unplugged!