Monday, February 11, 2008

hey yo

Well I worked out today, but was really weak and tired because I stayed up too late last night. I'm kinda stupid like that. But I did run a mile and pump iron for about 45 minutes! it was good, but my arms are like jelly now. And I even worked out last on saturday. No more staying up that late! I have to watch that Invonvenient Truth movie for my physical science class. Can I say BORING!!! And i'm hungry, but can't go anywhere to get some food cause I have class as soon as I"m done, and might not even get to finish watching it. Sheesh! AND, this keyboard is eenoying because I have to push really hard, especially on the a's, to make them show up. But ya know, mormon culture at BYU-Idaho is super funny! gotta jet!
Oh, and now he's talking about cows.


Jared & Christine said...

Congrats on that working out thing, that takes a lot of time and motivation. Good for you! Anytime you want to come meet Lucas (and visit us), you come right on down! And if we ever head that way, you'll be the first to know! We miss you!

Anonymous said...

UMMM, WHo's talking about cows? Well, I'm not hungry, cause Matthew made a duhlicious din-din tonight. Baked chicken, w/ a spinach salad and stuffing! OH BOY! HE SPOILS ME! ANywho- I WORKED OUT TOOO! We must be twins or something.
Hey, if you are coming down for that birthday bash, you should call aunt HHHAry to see if you can crash at her pad. That's where Elsa, and Blair, and Jake, and Sean and I are staying, but not Samson. I've decided that he can stay at like a homeless shelter. I bet they have enough room for that fatty!
J/K! HE'S NOT FAT! He's like a skinny, and not a fatty!
Welp-I'm kinda babbling now!
oh, and I did work out this morning. I did about 40 minutes of sculpting my muscles and lunges, and squats, and forward, and back, and forward and back and click your heels!
LOVE, Anna (as if you couldn't guess!)
Awesome for you working out too! WE ROCK! j/k BUT YOU DO!

Mary Grace said...

what the heck is inconvenient truth?
must be one of those mormon things...
like, i am a member of an exclusively mormon bank! you must be jealous. way to go on working out! thats one spot i have been lacking!! UH OH!

cassie and dan said...

hahaha i didnt notice that invonvenient was a typo, i kept repeating it different ways in my head , thinking, naw that doenst sound right, nope not that way either...must be some science term.. and then i saw something about the byu culture and thought it had to do with nothing...haha. coming down this way anytime? man we had a storm tonight..nobodys getting in or out of here, people are camping at smiths grocery store! kids are stuck at schools! luckily, im at home;)

SPENCERS said...

Hey, yo! Ran 4.5 miles and had a valentimes day partay with Jakerbaker and a bunch of kids! Super fun! I thought An Inconvenient Truth was rather interesting and then I read Glenn Beck's book about it and decided parts of the movie may be exaggerated or not exactly forthcoming. Seanny's crying "momma." I guess that means me. And way to go that both you and Anna pumped some I-ren (that's how Jake says it) Keep on keepin' on. loves

Awesome song! This was for this semester's Guitars Unplugged!