Friday, February 29, 2008


I like to watch people. Having early morning seminary in high school, we would always get to the school earlier than most people. When I wasn't trying to cram in my Chemistry, Physics or Trig homework, sometimes I would just sit at the tables in the commons and watch people. This one freshman was super funny to watch, but slightly sad. You could tell she was so self-concious. The entire walk across the floor she would be constantly checking her outfit and adjusting her hair. Ah freshmeat. I also like to watch people that just walk around (or drive) with smiles on their faces. It always makes me wonder what they're smiling about. And then there are those people with suspicious looks. I was sitting here in the library on campus (at a computer with a cooperating keyboard) and saw a guy walk by who had a shifty look to his eyes. it was almost like he was trying to walk with his head ducked and he kept looking around like he was on the prowl for something. Wait, what am I talking about? It's BYU-I. If he's not married, of course he was looking for something. And apparently that wasn't me because he just kept walking. Whew! Avoided that one! And for instance, there are these two people writing a combined e-mail for something. I just checked and it's only about 6 lines, but they've been working on it for like 23.8 minutes now. Dang Gina! Well it's really beautiful outside. I think I need to get in it!


cassie and dan said...

okay, i just left a comment and it erased it. but as i had said- my comments are suffering right now too, i know what you are going thru here. i think mine suffer because i live by the people who used to comment, so now they jsut say , hey i saw your pictures. and another reason is that most of them are just little things andrew does, so not really anything too exciting. anyways, i liked your observations. me and mary used to observe all the "sleeping houses" on our way to seminary in AK. i still remember driving down the same road, looking at the same sleeping houses every morning wishing i was sleeping..i would call you about that picture below, but i dont have your phone number. do you have Chrystal Tandbergs number?

Mary Grace said...

hahaha oh those old sleeping houses. gotta love it.
filled out my mish papers online today!!! WAHOO!!
ps i made it home safe, took a hot bath and slept, and THEN filled em out.
i still need to find a 'missionary appropriate' photo to send in though....

Gwen Lynn said...

And why do you think #89 is funny? Its true! And Im not even thinking about you know who. Ive always thought that. Loves, Maybe I will call you tonight after the circus!

Awesome song! This was for this semester's Guitars Unplugged!