Monday, February 25, 2008

I wonder

So I'm wondering if my blog is just boring without pictures, cause i haven't put any up for a long time, and my comment numbers are seriously suffering from it. Which makes me sad cause people might be reading it, but I don't know that they are because you don't leave any comments, and it makes me feel like a loner. Sad day! Oh well, school is good, so is Buzz. He just sent and e-mail today. He had a baptism last week and has another one scheduled for this week. Way to go him! AND, I get to hang with my nephews in about 9 days! That is so cool to me! Allright, peace out foos! These pictures have to do with something that happened in Physical Science today. It was super funny. My friends and I had tears because we were laughing so hard! If you want to know what it's about, you can call me! Or whatevs! Ha!
Это очень хорошо! (Russian for "it's very good!")


Anonymous said...

You should call me when you have free calling! Cause I don't have free calling!
Well, I'm glad to see that you have new pics up! Now if you could get some real pics up, that'd be even better! LOVES, Anna
ps I, too, am SO DECIDED that I get to see our neph-nephs! OK, and our sister and brother

Gwen Lynn said...

Do those pictures happen to be from West Side Story? If they are Im pretty much amazing! Love ya Hides! Thanks for letting me talk to you the other day!

Millie said...

Boy-ee, boy-ee crazy boy-ee, stay cool boy...gotta rocket in your pocket...stay cool boy!!! I'm guessing something to do with magnets and polar energies. and the vertical axis of the lunar surface. Am I right, am I right?!!!
I'm so decided for your big bash, and admittedly, jealous. Much love and some angry looks(to accompany the jealousy of course).

Jared & Christine said...

I still like reading your blog even without pictures, I just don't comment much, but to prove I love you, I'm commenting now! That's so great that you're going to see Elsa and Anna and families. That sounds like so much fun!

Awesome song! This was for this semester's Guitars Unplugged!