Monday, August 25, 2008


So, I just rememebered I got these pictures from Becca this last week. They are the only ones I have from my birthday. And they are kind of boring, but that's okay! It was an okay day. I had work off, which was awesome, but didn't have anything planned for most of the day so I ended up doing some repair work in the hall at home and then went and mowed the lawn. BUT, the lawn mower was extremely stupid, so I quit that after doing the lawn up around the house. Then I did some more work inside and around 6 or so was told I had to go shower. But the opening ceremonies of the Olympics were on, and that was the one thing for like a month that I wanted to do on my birthday: watch the ceremonies. But I didn't, and I heard they were awesome. So if anyone recorded them and would like to share them with me, they may!

Opening my present from Becca. It was an apron from the Moose is Loose. I love aprons!

With my cakes. I'm still not quite sure why I had two!

And getting ready to blow out the candles. I got them all in one breath. They are all close together. I think if you wanna make it harder to get them all in one breath, spread them out more...ha!


linz said...

your hair is so cute! happy birthday cuz!

Angeline and Matt said...

uh, I'm lurking on your blog, happy birthday! A. Quiner

Anonymous said...

Yo! Who's house are you at?!?! And, I love that I can see through Millie's shirt! MEEEYOWWWW! (the way they sing it in Cat's!) :) ANywho- when are you gonna call me? Okay, I guess I'll call you. Cause it only costs me like $3 a month! WOOHOO. WElp, it's almost 2 in the morning, I just finished a letter to Buzz, and now I'm kinda tired. I too love your hair! IT'S TOTALLY>>> KNOCKED OUT! (movie?) j/k
Love, Bananiebutts

amelia and jason said...

Happy Late Birthday! Sounds like a fun summer--you, your pictures, and your posts always make me laugh! Call me when you get down here--you need to come visit!

Awesome song! This was for this semester's Guitars Unplugged!