Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Oh wo is me....

I...am...a blogger failure! I did have the excuse for quite some time that I wasn't at a computer where I could post, but I haven't been in that position for quite some time and I'm just a slacker! I haven't even posted about my birthday! Eesh! It's mostly because I have no pictures of exciting events, so I'll just put random ones from my phone!!

So someone showed my dad how to watch and listen to stuff on the internet. He often stays up rather late viewing these things. However, this was not late at night, but the middle of the day Sunday! He's asleep!

A while ago Dreamie fixed my hair all pretty so we had a little photo shoot!

An old one from cleaning upstairs. Of course, when we find amazing outfits we must put them on! I think this is Millie in an elegant sweater-dress combo from Aunt Christine during her pageant days! Ab-fab!

Just on the way home from church this last Sunday. Yes, it was sunny and yes these are 2 baby mooses! Pretchus!

The wicked witch of the west decided to nap on our couch Sunday! No really, when we tried to wake her up right after this she just about bit our heads off...don't disturb the slumbering beast!

If only my phone took better pictures...just a sunset at Grams' house Sunday!

And Daniel sporting another b-e-a-utiful outfit from upstairs! And doing the pose from Real Genius...Kent:"popcorn! AAAAAGGGGHHHHH!"

Dreamie being...a...frilled neck lizard? She loves to wear her purple leotardo whenever she can!
So there are some random pictures from the summer. Not much going down. I'm done working for the borough. It was a great run. I made some good money, but I"d like to know where it all went already! Agh! That's my life!


Mberenis said...

Great blog! thank you for posting, I've bookmarked this for future reference.

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DKSBrayton said...

Love the pictures and the update. When you headed back to school?

Anonymous said...

HEY DOODYHEAD! Surgery went well. Before the surgery I had a 5-10 percent chance of conceiving successfully, now I possibly have a 70 percent chance! I'm so DECIDED! And if I already told you all this, I actually have an excuse now! I'm all DOPED up dooooood! It's probably a good thing too! I'm still in quite a bit of pain, but it's all good. Hopefully we can have some little HEIDI-DOODIES running around in a little while. :)Love you! And love the posts!
Love, Anna

cassie and dan said...

HAHA that wicked witch of the west thing made me laugh pretty good. like the one of daniel crowing, or so it appears. hey i leave mon night so we better get together before then.

SPENCERS said...

Seriously, dad is asleep? That's not how he uses the computer?
Next, please tell me you sent the knitted skirt/sweater combo away to Sally's. The color's all wrong.
Next: do they sell windex in Kenai still? because the wicked witch should use it to clean the...(that is glass, right) plant stand.
It's not supposed to be opaque.
Next: please do keep daniel's sweater turtleneck/pimp jacket combo. it's so prehtay.

Gwen Lynn said...

Oh my, LOVE IT! But why is it that there are no incriminating photos of you in some sweet clothes? Hmmmm?

Awesome song! This was for this semester's Guitars Unplugged!