Saturday, October 18, 2008

Update on my face.

This was just now...haha!

Well, an update on my face: I've been taking these drugs for my virus/inflamed nerve and I'm thinking they might be working already. Either that or I'm just hoping they are and imagining that I can move my face a little more. The problem is, it's only really really noticeable when I'm laughing really hard, which I don't do unless I have something to laugh at. But I think I can move the right side more than a couple days ago, which is good! And I think the medication is making me really tired. Yesterday my family history lab was cancelled (mid-terms. I know, the semester is flying by!) so I didn't have class until 2. I managed to sleep in until 11, which is the latest I've gotten to sleep in all semester! And I can usually sleep in way later, but not here. My room mates usually have something to do with that. They're early risers! But, I slept in until 11 and was tired again around 4:30 or so! I woke up this morning at 10:30 and am ready to take a nap, only 1 1/2 hours later! Sheesh! I've been testing different things I can and can't do very well with my face, and one thing that's getting me is holding liquids in my mouth. I haven't had an accident yet, but if I were to drink something and laugh, it would spray everywhere, I just know it! That would be hilarious! Oh and I have to sleep with my eye taped shut. One of the side-effects of this virus thingy is my eye doesn't produce as many tears as it should, so it gets dried out super fast, so I'm constantly putting eye drops in it. I put eye drops in my eye yesterday probably at least 20 times! And it doesn't stay shut very well at night I guess, so I have to tape it shut. I guess one thing if it gets too dried out and gets stuff in it I could get an ulcer on it or something. At least that's what the info on my discharge papers from the hospital said!
So that's me and my face for now. There's best of Guitars Unplugged tonight. I went on Thursday and it was okay, but they sure had a lot of slow songs. But that's usually how it goes. Slower songs on Thursday, more up beat ones on Friday, then the best of the two nights Saturday. I didn't get to help out this semester due to my classes going until 9 on Wednesday when they usually have meetings and working Tuesday/Thursday nights with RAD. I'm bummed, but oh well. Next semester, perhaps. Or maybe Buzz, Kierstin and I can do a performance or something! That would rock! Aight, well I'm gonna go now. I might fall asleep for a little bit cause i"m just in the lounge waiting for my clothes to get done. Woot woot. Oh, and we're going to Ed and Karen's tomorrow for dinner and i"m making honey sesame chicken. SO GOOD! okey, bye!

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Gwen Lynn said...

Do you get to sleep with an eye patch? Or do you just have to tape your eye shut? Are you pulling eyelashes out when you do that?!?! Thats NO GOOD!

Awesome song! This was for this semester's Guitars Unplugged!