Saturday, October 18, 2008

Trying my camera again.

So quite a few months ago I basically stopped using my camera because every picture I took turned fuzzy. But I missed not having it and taking sweet pictures, so I tried a different tactic. I got regular batteries instead of rechargeable ones and took it to Guitars Unplugged tonight. And apparentely they still aren't that good of quality, so I might have to figure something better out before I head over to Philly cause I GOTTA have a good camera for that one! It was a pretty good show I guess. The closing act definitely could have been better, but it's all good. I had a splendid time! And then Carol, Brian, Jessica and I went out to Winger's afterwards for some okay food. It was a great evening!

me (with my palsy face) and Carol with her bf, Brian, looking in the background. Carol and I were in the same Book of Mormon class with Uncle Ed last fall, then we were in the same physical science lab last winter and kept each other sane!

This would be Lisa. We were on the same flag football team last fall (Estelle, I hope you remember her if you're reading this!) She's super fun. I saw her and Carol talking in the library one day last year and they didn't know that I knew both of them...yeah, it was fun! You could say I felt pretty popular at that moment!

Lisa, Jessica me and Carol right after the show. Again, stupid camera has to be fuzzy and have weird spots on it. Grrr! I'm so tempted to buy a new one! we'll see!
So there's my update. I like how you can still sorta see my raccoon eyes from this summer. oo, and i should take a picture of how I tape my eye shut at night! that'd be a goody!


cassie and dan said...

hmm, thats wierd about your face! hope it gets better..taping my eye shut would drive me nuts! yah you should come see me soon!

amelia and jason said...

What in the world! I have to say your little experience brings back memories for me. Bell's Palsy struck me when I was in middle school--my friends thought I was joking when I suddenly couldn't shut my eye or smile normally. How bizarre it all is! Hope your feeling better!


Estelle said...

Holy Cow Heidi!!! I hope everything works out okay with your face trauma. The pics were pretty funny of you on the day you went to the hospital... reminds me of when I got my wisdom teeth out and Scott kept making me laugh. Tell Lisa HELLO from me, that was really fun playing football... oh well. Take care and keep us updated!

Awesome song! This was for this semester's Guitars Unplugged!