Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Weekend trip!

So last weekend I went down to Utah for "conference" but didn't actually make it there. Jason and Amelia were so kind and let me and Millie stay at their gorgeous home in Farmington. Although I got there and didn't get any homework done all weekend, it was so pleasant to just sit and do nothing but play with the little ones and chat with Amelia till odd hours of the mornin'! So in between sessions I busted out my computer and web cam and entertained Kate and Will for, oh I don't know, half an hour or so!

This was our first photo of the photo shoot. I don't think Kate liked me holding her like that for no reason. She didn't quite get the camera thing yet!

And this is me and Zachary. He was so nice and puked on me like 5 times while I was there. I took it as a sign of love!

Kate showing her tongue and Will just with his huge smile!

We were all showing our tongues here! Obviously!

And this was actually from a couple weeks ago during my first RAD class of the semester. This is one of my partners in crime, Emi Flamm. She's a certified RAD instructor and actually just got certified this summer to do RAD Kids! She's great!

So there's my photo update for now. I know, not too exciting, but that about sums up my life right now! OKay, gotta skitter!
Love ya all,

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Awesome song! This was for this semester's Guitars Unplugged!