Wednesday, October 1, 2008


So today was a super great day! 15 minutes was all it took! Kiersty and I went to Salt Lake Tuesday night and met up with Millie. Long story short, we stayed the night at Mary and Aaron's house. We woke up this morning at 8, and I showered while Millie made some chicken enchineenees. We left Mary's shortly before 10 and made it to the airport at about 10:25 or so, quickly heading to the security cause Buzz's plane was to land at 10:30. Millie checked the arrival screen thing and it said he flight had landed and on time, but we didn't see him. But we knew that he would have no trouble with security cause there was no one in line to get back through. So finally at about 10:46 we were looking into the secured area and I saw Buzz walk right by looking very confused! Finally he turned around and we yelled at him. He saw us and we waved and told him to come out, but he didn't think he had enough time. We told him he did and to get out right now, so he did. There might have been some tears of joy shed at our reunion! So we got to talk to Buzz for 15 minutes, gave him his food, then sent him back through security and on his way to Alaska, which is where he is now! So this is a great big WELCOME HOME ELDER CARLSON! Congratulations on serving a full mission and being a great brother! you rock! oh, and perhaps he can look at this himself!! tee hee!

okay so here's the picture of us! We're so cute!
p..s. I've had like 4 people tell me today how much alike we look! I haven't really gotten that too much before!


Gwen Lynn said...

OH Hides! So awesome! And Im reading this before bed, and yes it is making me happier! Thanks for talking with me. Love ya!

Anonymous said...

And, yes, I can see the tears of joy. lol I WOULD HAVE BLUBBERED TOO! Man, I remember the last time I saw you, Kammi, and Kierstis together... I just started crying. I'm a SAP!!!!
Love you, Love, The Parishioner's Priest

Cassandra said...

That's so great!

Awesome song! This was for this semester's Guitars Unplugged!